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Countering Global Capital

The Global Seven-Point Struggle



From one day to the next - and entirely without democratic consultation - corporate boardrooms such as those of General Motors can shut down sophisticated high-productivity factories in Western Europe, sack thousands of long-serving workers and transfer production to countries in Asia or Eastern Europe which offer cheaper wage labour. The same applies to the ‘outsourcing’ of service jobs and facilities. The global corporations pit workers of one country and/or continent against those of others, turning wasteful international corporate competition into futile national competition between workers. As a result of globalisations, national trade unionism and national trade union resistance to transfers of capital and jobs are both impotent and outmoded.


The global movement of jobs and capital and the power of global corporations can be countered only by global trade unions, united in the struggle for:


1.       true global economic and corporate democracy as opposed to sham parliamentary-political democracy - the equal sharing of power between boardroom executives and employees.

2.       An equitable global distribution of investment and jobs on a rationally planned basis.

3.       Equal rights for workers of all countries and continents. 

4.       A global equalisation of wages and benefits relative to living costs.

5.       Equal global taxation of the international stock markets and of all speculative financial profits and investors.

6.       Equitable and rational cooperation of global corporations on instead of wasteful competition, takeovers and ‘rationalisations’.

7.       World economic organisations which put global economic equality and quality of life in place of global equities and inequality.



Workers of the World, Unite!


End global Corporate Dictatorship and Executive Tyranny!


Equality before Equities!

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