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The Contradictions of Global Capitalism


A global ‘free market’ that blocks the free market in labour (‘immigration’), obstructs the free market in commodities (from the developing world) and destroys local markets worldwide.


A global service industry turning ‘service’ into an exorbitantly priced or low-paid commodity.

A global manufacturing industry that manufactures both overproduction and unemployment.

A global legal industry that cannot prosecute the worst corporate crimes and war criminals.

A global health and medical industry that is one of the largest causes of illness and death.

A global gene-tech industry that seeks to turn human beings into products of their own technology.

A global education industry that turns out culturally and spiritually deprived wage slaves.

A global advertising industry that turns deep human values into brand values and slogans.

A global ‘defence’ industry that fuels worldwide wars and props up tyrannical regimes.

A global brand industry that relies on child labour and factory concentration camps.

A global political industry that markets corporate and market-friendly politicians.

A global media industry designed only to be an effective medium for advertising.

A global energy industry that depletes and wastes the world’s energy resources.

A global news industry that is self-censoring and disseminates misinformation.

A global transport industry that clogs and pollutes highways, airways and oceans.

A global finance industry that sacrifices social value to shareholder value.

A global fishing industry that is depleting and destroying all oceanic life.

A global alcohol industry that targets children and promotes alcoholism.

A global internet industry that draws its main profits from pornography.

A global food industry that manufactures both obesity and starvation.

A global nuclear weapons industry that forbids newcomers.

A global sex industry that traffics in women and children.

A global prison industry that spawns crime.


Peter Wilberg

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