The New Psychiatry

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The New Psycho-pharmacology

Damaged Brains 

Interview with
Peter Breggin
(author of
Toxic Psychiatry


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Alternative mental health consultancy for those unsatisfied with standardised psychiatric diagnoses and prescribed medications.
Information for patients and professionals on the serious dangers and side-effects of psychiatric drugs.
Information and advice on effective pharmaceutical alternatives.
Support for patients in asserting their rights.
Training for mental health professionals.



The New Psychiatry provides a practical framework in which the fundamental principles of The New Therapy can be applied by mental health patients and professionals in the context of current medical and psychiatric approaches to mental health care. It does this by:

  1. Taking forward the tradition of anti-psychiatry and existential-phenomenological
    psychiatry in opposition to biological psychiatry.

  2. Opposing the widespread use of brain-damaging psychiatric medications.

  3. Promoting the use of new psychopharmacological treatments based on the use of
    natural ‘orthomolecular’ substances such as amino acids rather than body-foreign or xenobiotic drugs.

  4. Offering alternative psychiatric consultancy services.

The New Psychiatry

The role of The New Psychiatrist is to provide information and consultancy services
rather than long-term counselling or psychotherapy.  These services include: 

  • Alternative mental health consultancy and short-term counselling for those unsatisfied with crude psychiatric diagnoses or suffering from the use of ineffective and  damaging psychiatric drugs.
  • Information on the dangers and side effects of specific psychiatric drugs that patients may be taking or prescribed.
  • Help for patients coming off psychiatric drugs, including information and advice on effective alternatives.
  • Support for patients as ‘users’ of mental health services in asserting and protecting their rights.
  • The New Psychiatrist - education and training for professionals in non-medical approaches to psychiatric ‘conditions’ and mental health care (The New Therapy).
  • Instruction for patient and professionals in meditational exercises offering direct and immediate therapeutic benefits (The New Yoga).
  • The Alternative Pharmacy - information for patients and professionals on natural pharmaceutical alternatives to current psychiatric medications.
  • Articles and books offering alternative ways of understanding the meaning of depression, anxiety and other psychiatrically diagnosed ‘disorders’.
  • Comprehensive links to other sites critical of orthodox psychiatry and/or offering support to users and survivors of the mental health system.