Translated by Peter Wilberg

The Shiva Perspective (Shambavopaya)

  1.  Awareness is the Self.

  2. (Limited or contracted) knowledge is bondage (contraction and limitation of awareness and self).

  3. That which arises from the source in the form of fixed patterns of bodily activity, is also bondage.

  4. The basis of limited knowledge is the misunderstood mother whose primordial inner sounds are the source of all limiting alphabets, words and languages.

  5. Bhairava (the terrifying face of Shiva) is a sudden uprising of the light of that divine awareness (Shiva) that expands to fill and reveal the entire universe.

  6. By sustained awareness the collective circle or circumference (Chakra) of manifesting powers (Shaktis) whose activity manifests (Shaktis) the Divine Awareness, the manifest universe disappears (in awareness). 

  7. The three differentiated states of waking, dreaming and deep sleep are all permeated by the rapturous joy of (pure awareness) that is the Fourth (Turya).

  8. Knowledge (of any external world) is the waking state.

  9. Dreaming is the independent and autonomous manifestation of thought-constructs.

  10. Lack of discriminatory awareness is the deep sleep of delusion (Maya).

  11. Enjoying the triad (of states) is the heroism of the senses.

  12. The stages/stations of yogic accomplishment are a fascinating wonder.

  13. The will-power (Iccha Shakti) of (the yogi as Shiva in) communion with the divine mother (Uma) is the splendour of Shiva as innocent, virginal play (Kumari).

  14. All experienced phenomena, outer and inner, are the body (of such a yogi).

  15. Through the mind’s concentrated intent to identify with the heart of universal awareness, all phenomena, and even the void in which they appear, are experienced as essentially permeated by that awareness. 

  16. Through mindfulness of the supreme principle (identification with the unbounded and Absolute Awareness that is Shiva) he become released from the binding power of limited identity and self-experience.

  17. Unwavering awareness is direct knowledge of Self – the self that is awareness and knows itself as identical with Shiva.  

  18. The bliss of knowing oneself as that non-localised awareness which is the ultimate knower - knowing itself as both a localised self or subject and all its localised objects.

  19. On being united with its power of manifesting or ‘bodying’ (Shakti), awareness enables all kinds of bodies to be created according to desire.

  20. Through the powers of both bringing things together and distinguishing them from one another, one has the power to bring them together as things distinct but unseparated in space or time.

  21. Mastery of all psychic powers of awareness (Siddhis) come from knowing the entire circle or circumference (Chakra) of things as expressions of the divine spiritual awareness.

©Peter Wilberg 2006