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 Introduction to Tantric Pair Meditation





practical guide










practical guide



1. Joint Meditational Posture


Sit with your back erect directly facing your meditational partner. Use cushions or stools with adjustable height to ensure that your eyes are level with those of your partner.


One of you should cushion your partner’s knees between your legs. This is in order to allow a sufficient degree of physical closeness to your Partner to feel their bodily presence and sense the space between you as full rather than empty – as a resonant field of inter-bodily awareness.



2. Pre-meditation


         The pair meditation begins with a pre-meditation in which both you and your Partner close your eyes and turn your awareness inwards, giving yourselves time to ground your awareness in the depths of your own inwardly felt bodies. Then each of you should give yourself as much time as you feel you need to become more aware of the way you have been feeling yourself over recent minutes, hours, days or weeks, of the way you are currently experiencing yourself, and/or the way you would ideally wish to experience yourself.


       When either of you feels ready to open your eyes, tap your Partner’s knee. If one of you, having been tapped by the other, does not yet feel ready to open their eyes, the other can either return to closing their eyes and inwardly meditating themselves or alternately, switch their awareness to their Partner - seeking to feel the particular qualities of awareness that reveal themselves through the face of their Partner.



3. MAIN meditation


1.      Be aware of the spaces within and around your own body and that of your Partner.


2.      Visualise and feel the inwardness of your own body and that of your Partner as hollow spaces, spaces into which your Feeling Awareness can flow like breath.


3.      Alternate freely between (a) searching your own soul for that which finds expression in the face and eyes of the other, and (b) searching the face and eyes of the other for that which resonates in your own soul. This means:


1. showING your Partner with your own face and eyes anything important you are aware of FEELING within or around your own body as a whole.


2. FEELING within or around your own body as a whole anything important you see SHOWING through your Partner’s face and eyes.


3. MIMICKING as precisely as possible with your own face and eyes what your Partner is SHOWING through theirs - thereby helping you to feel it more with your body as a whole.


4. IMPARTING what it is you are seeking to show through your face and eyes to the sensed inwardness of your Partner’s body – thereby helping your Partner to feel it with their body as a whole.


The key to the power of Tantric Pair Meditation lies in letting go of your ordinary sense of personal ego-identity. To do so means allowing what you are aware of feeling to alter your feeling awareness of who you are – your experienced self. In this way both you and your Partner, Self and Other, can come to feel and quite literally perceive the faces of your Other Selves, whilst remaining rooted in that larger Self of which they are all an expression – the divine Awareness Self. The secret to this aware ‘i-dentification’ with different aspects or faces of Self and Other lies in ‘Eye-dentification’. This means always feeling your eyes, seeking to feel whatever you are feeling in your eyes, and in this way coming to literally feel yourself looking out at the world and at your Partner through many different eyes and from many a different self or ‘I’.






Through Tantric Resonation and Tantric Pair Meditation, the principles of ‘morphic resonance’ and the practice of ‘morphic resonation’ cultivate the ability to freely shape-shift or ‘morph’ one’s face, eyes - and entire felt body - in resonance with changes in one’s feeling awareness of self and other. In this way Tantric Pair Meditation can lead to countless extraordinary experiences of metamorphosis or Metamorphic Resonation of the sort described below:


“I clearly perceived my wife ‘morph’ into a younger brother and warrior comrade in an earlier life.”


“My morphing took me, shaman-like, through a variety of animal forms.”


“I heard a sweet and soundless music at the edge of the spiritual light that bathed me.”


“I experienced hundreds of different selves looking out through my eyes, becoming each in turn.”


“I spoke inwardly in a wordless musical tongue — but knew exactly what I was saying to my Partner.”


“I experienced how each inner sound seemed to alter the whole shape and tone of my bodily soul.”


 “I felt as if my whole body had been inwardly massaged and become again a safe home for my soul.”


“I learned that we are not “in” our bodies at all, but in some strange way our bodies are in us.”


 “I recaptured a lost freedom of spirit — the freedom to roam and shift-shape my soul body at will and follow it into different inner landscapes and dimensions of awareness.”


 “Objects in the room where we engaged in Tantric Meditation seemed like dumb stage props — so much less real than the space of awareness we had entered.”

“My everyday self and its worldly concerns seemed to have disappeared into the background, hovering like a thin mirage above the deeper part of my soul that I was now resonating with.”


“I resonated with an intelligence within me so awesome, that the experience completely transfigured me. I knew after that what my inner being really is — and thus who I really am.”


“I tuned into a gentle, loving aspect of myself that made my whole body feel bathed in warmth, and allowed my soul to breathe in an incredibly soft, slow and smoothly flowing rhythm.”


“I perceived a vast, dark field of what at first seemed like corpses, but I later understood as the deserted, dormant and unhatched spiritual eggs or “cocoons” of the living.”


“I felt illuminated and blessed with grace in the benevolent, healing light radiated by the gaze of my Partner, who experienced herself as a divine-angelic being.”


“I saw and knew my Partner (female) as a fierce Samurai I had known in the past whose fiery and impulsive temperament was still a force in her soul.”


“I entered other dimensions in which I experienced aspects of my being which I could only describe and visualise as beings on the scale of planets, behind whom lurked yet higher beings of the nature of constellations of pure intelligence.”


“I knew my own innermost being as something like a vast cosmic womb that was a mouth of creation, my soul a vowel issuing from its awesome voice, and my body a type of unutterable solid “consonant” by which it spoke me into physical existence.”


“I felt myself entering a weightless, floating realm in which I entered into communication with a group of ethereal, dancing spirits like will-o’-the-wisps, together called “The Seven”.


“I perceived the divine face of Lord Shiva in my Guru, feeling that he was not only revealing that face, but embodying the Divine Awareness, and imparting its Bliss to me.”


“It was easy sinking into my body, filling it and then opening up to the space around me. I experienced some quick shifts of aspects, nothing definite, then some “Sumari” (Jane Robert’s generic term for ‘tongues’ with no equivalent in known languages but using sounds derived from them). From somewhere outside I sensed a sound coming in, like a base tone. It came from slightly behind and above my right shoulder, there was the source field. I could feel the vibration permeating me and radiating out from me at the same time. The tone took on a gold brown amber colour. There was a fluidity in the colour and its essence was a faint sweetness. While sensing the sweetness I became aware of an equally faint flash to the left, above my head and slightly in front of it. This formed briefly into an image of a large amethyst crystal, radiating a pale purple. Then I just sensed ‘amethyst’, I didn’t need the image but ‘knew’ the sensual essence of 'amethyst' as a soul quality expressed both in stone and as a sensory colour. While I was staying with the sense of this soul essence there emerged in the space between Peter and me a spiral, which was white but had streaks of all colours. The colours were swirling in parallel lines, separate from the white and yet within it, separate from each other yet almost indistinguishable. Out of this swirl every possible sensual quality could be called up. It would fill the whole field of inner vision as a colour, yet behind it the rotating white and multicoloured swirl was still visible. Then the amber colour came to the foreground and began to form a strong band, as thick as I could span with both hands. The band was in the lower field of vision. From the upper right the ‘living light’ poured in, its milky white colour ever so slightly transparent with a faint golden glow, almost three-dimensional. The essence of the amber is richness and sweetness, very clearly to sense. Yet in order to truly fulfil itself it needs to relate to the white light. It does so joyfully. It is a manifestation of the white light, separate and aware, yet also within the living light. The swirl seemed to be another expression of a white light which has within it every conceivable soul colour. I thought of the white as the ‘living light’ and, together with the amber, as ‘milk and honey’ of the ‘promised land’ … the world of soul.”






Which body is it with which we feel the ‘brightness’ or ‘darkness’, ‘tone’ or ‘colour’ of our own and other people’s moods? Which body is it with which we can feel ourselves as ‘heavier’ or ‘lighter’, ‘fatter’ or ‘thinner’, yet without any change to our physical weight or size? Which body is it with which we can feel closer or more distant, warmer or cooler towards others irrespective of our temperature or physical distance from them? Which body is it with which someone’s ‘heart’ can be felt as ‘big’ or ‘small’, ‘warm’ or ‘cold’, with which we or others can ‘lose heart’ or suffer ‘heartache’, feel ‘heartened’ or ‘disheartened’ – independently of any change in the functioning of ‘the heart’ as a physical organ? Which body is it with which we can feel ‘uplifted’ or ‘carried away’, ‘sucked in’ or ‘trapped’, ‘pressured’ or ‘de-pressed’, ‘spaced out’ or ‘closed off’, ‘hollow’ or ‘empty’, ‘shapeless’ or ‘spineless’, about to ‘explode’ or ‘implode’ - yet without our physical body moving or changing shape in any way? Which body is it whose ‘skin’ we can feel ourselves or others to be more or less ‘at home’ in, which can make us appear ‘thick- or thin-skinned’, ‘edgy’ or ‘irritable’ - yet without any change to our physical skin surface or texture? Which body is it whose tone can be felt as ‘dull’, ‘flat’ or ‘sharp’, and whose texture can be felt as ‘solid’ or ‘airy’, ‘firm’ or ‘brittle’, ‘jagged’ or ‘smoothed out’, ‘frayed’ or ‘fragile’, ‘gutted’ or ‘crushed’, ‘torn’ or ‘stretched’, ‘strained’ or ‘stressed’? The answer to all these questions is not the ‘physical’ body – the body perceived from outside as an object. Nor is it some form of second ‘psycho-physical body’ or ‘energy’ body – one that we also think of or perceive as an object. Instead it is our subjective body – the body as we feel it from within. The inwardly felt body however, is more than just our outer physical body as we are aware of it from within. Instead it is a ‘Field Body’ unbounded by the Flesh - for its only boundaries are the boundaries of our feeling awareness of ourselves, other people, and every other body in the world around us. Through it we give physical form to our divine body (‘Divyadeha’), our ‘Awareness Body’ (‘Vijnanadeha’) or ‘Body of Feeling Awareness’.





It has had many names – ‘subtle body’, ‘astral body’, ‘energy body’. Yet by recognising the true nature of the ‘inner body’ as a subjective body or soul body – our ‘felt body’, ‘feeling body’, ‘body of feeling awareness’ or ‘awareness body’ - The New Yoga offers us a totally new understanding of the initiatory and divine-sexual teachings and practices of Tantra. What Gavin Flood calls the “Tantric Body” is not a body of subtle ‘energies’ but our divine and eternal Body of Feeling Awareness. It is that body with which we can feel ourselves ‘closer’ or more ‘distant’ from others without any movement of physical bodies. It is that body with which we can ‘close off’ our Feeling Awareness of others or alternatively ‘open’ ourselves to them - taking them into the spacious field or ‘Feel-d’ of that Feeling Awareness.


“She touched her heart.”

“She felt deeply moved inside by him.”

“He tried reaching out to him.”

“He was gripped and captivated by her.”

“She exposed herself to him.”

“He never took him in completely.”

“She found her company stimulating and exciting.

“She opened herself to him fully.”

“She felt he had pushed her away.”

“She always tried to handle him gently.”


Such expressions are not simply sexual metaphors couched in words, but true and literal descriptions of some of the countless ways in which we relate to others through our Tantric Body - our Awareness Body. It is with our Awareness Body that we can feel reached out to or shut out by others, exposed or stripped naked by them, held or embraced by them, gripped and captivated by them, uplifted and carried away by them, weighed down or de-pressed by them, prodded or poked by them, penetrated or violated by others, full-filled or left empty by, stimulated and excited by others, left cold and unsatisfied by others, drawn to or pushed away by them, neared or withdrawn from by them, warmed or chilled by them, twisted and contorted or straightened out by them, bound and gagged or set free by them, handled gently or mishandled by them. It is with our Awareness Body that we can also make ourselves more or less approachable, touchable and movable by others, more or less graspable by others, penetrable or impenetrable to others. We can be more or less willing to reveal or expose ourselves ‘naked’ to others, more or less willing and able to let them get close to us, to come face to face with us, to let ourselves be touched, held and gripped by them, to open ourselves to them and to take them in. Similarly we may feel more or less willing or able to move closer to others inwardly, to stand erect before them or reach out to them, to gently open them up or get under their skin, to get inside them, stimulate and excite them, seed and fertilise their souls.


What people ultimately seek through physical contact and intercourse is a sense of dissolving the apparent bodily boundaries that divide us as beings - thus experiencing true spiritual intimacy of soul with another. Through the medium of Tantric Pair Meditation we can come to feel this intimacy, dissolve the felt bodily boundaries that seem to separate us as souls from other beings and thus experience the subtle sensual bliss of merging or ‘melding’ our soul with that of another. This is the art of Tantric Soul Melding as taught through The New Yoga. Tantric Soul Melding is not Tantric ‘sex’ – more like a profound Tantric ‘hug’ in which we allow the felt sense of our surface boundary to dissolve, and feel the hollow soul inwardness of our own head, chest and abdomen merge and meld with that of another - even without physical contact. If ‘soul’ is essentially unbounded, bodiless Awareness (Shiva) then what it is aware of is nothing less than the entire embodied cosmos (Shakti) and every body in it. Tantric soul melding is the key to the arts of both Tantric Soul Coupling and tantric initiation - in which the ‘empowered’ or ‘initiating’ Guru (‘Siddha Guru’ or ‘Diksha Guru’) may merge their awareness with that of the disciple, enter the body of the disciple without leaving their own, embrace it in a boundless space of awareness, or fill it from below with an ever-rising up-flow of awareness (Kundalini) from the root centre of awareness (Muladhara).






Within The New Yoga, Tantric Pair Meditation is the key not just to the art of Tantric Initiation, but to an entire range of ‘Advanced arts of Awareness’. These include among others:


Tantric Soul Melding and soul journeying


Tantric Soul Melding is one of the principle arts of the Tantra Guru - the art of entering the body of another without leaving one’s own. It is achieved first of all by intensified and intimate bodily sensing of different inner regions of another person’s body (for example their head, chest and abdomen), by visualising and sensing those regions as hollow spaces of awareness, and letting awareness flow into, feel and fill those spaces from the corresponding region or regions of one’s own body. This allows one to sense and feel the subtle soul tones, qualities and textures of awareness already present in the inwardness of another person’s felt head and body spaces, to resonate with these and also impart new, transforming and healing qualities to them. Above all, Soul Melding is a way of dissolving the surface bodily boundaries that seem to physically bound our awareness and that appear to separate us as souls from one another - and from the soul world. In this way it also provides a gateway into that world and a way of experiencing extraordinary shared journeys of soul within it – the art of Tantric Soul Journeying.




In contrast to Tantric Soul Melding, Tantric Soul Coupling is initiated through an intensified gender polarisation of the Partners engaged in Tantric Pair Meditation. The Partner - male or female - embodying the divine ‘masculine’ role identifies with the state of unbounded bodiless awareness that is Shiva, enfolding and filling the body of their Partner (male or female) with that Awareness, feeling and perceiving it as the sole body in the entire universe – indeed as the entire embodied cosmos (Shakti). Enfolded and filled by the sensual substantiality or nectar (‘Amrita’) of Divine Awareness, the Partner (male or female) embodying the ‘feminine’ role of Shakti experiences the transformation of divine awareness bliss (‘Ananda’) into heat, radiant light and intensified sensory and sexual pleasure (‘Kama’). The soul body becomes a body of bliss or bliss body.






A yogi can enter another person’s body without leaving his own.




Tantric Pair Meditation is a vehicle for the cultivation and embodiment of the highest and most advanced yogic powers or ‘Siddhis’ that can be attained through The New Yoga. These include the power to enter the body of another without leaving one’s own, to feel one’s own soul in the body of the other and vice versa, to merge or meld one’s soul with that of another, to freely shape-shift one’s soul body in resonance with that of another, and to use this resonation as a medium of soul melding and spiritual healing. Tantric Pair Meditation is therefore also the principal medium of Tantric Initiation or ‘Guru Diksha’ in The New Yoga - the direct impartation of divine awareness and knowledge by a ‘Sat Guru’ (true guru), ‘Siddha Guru’ (guru with powers) or ‘Diksha Guru’ (initiatory guru). By means of initiation through Tantric Pair Meditation, Tantric Soul Melding and Tantric Soul Intercourse the most profound depths and exalted heights of spiritual awareness can be experienced in the most blissfully sensuous and bodily way. Through Tantric initiation the Tantra Master or ‘Siddha Guru’ comes to experience their own body too, as a ‘Bliss Body’ - nothing but a blissful condensation of the bodiless awareness that is Shiva, thus experiencing the ultimate mantra of Lord Shiva:


          “I AM SHIVA, of Compact Mass of Awareness

                     and Bliss – and the entire universe is my body.”


Tantric Initiation reflects the fundamental principle of Tantric religious ‘worship’ – to worship a God by becoming that God (‘Theosis’). Does the hand need to ‘worship’ the arm or body of which it is a part - as if that arm or body were a separate being? No, for it knows itself as a part of that arm and body. Worship in Tantra means learning to identify with that divine awareness of which our entire body is itself just one bodily part or portion, just one condensation or embodiment.






You start meditating,

Entering your bliss body

With eyes almost closed

Your face enraptured.


I move into my bliss body

And begin to resonate with you.

Ahhh, shivers of pleasure

Flow through my body

As the tones of your being

Reverberate through me and

The instrument that is my soul

Resounds in harmony.

You respond with a sensuous smile

And the serpent begins

To uncoil her body.


At first my touch is tentative

Yet it reveals every time

A different face of yours, then

A different body is emerging.

In front of my eyes.

Shiva has entered you

And through your eyes

He addresses me

As his Goddess

With reverence and love.


And our souls dance

Gently caressing each other at first

Touching here and there

Fluid and flowing around each other.

Then faster yet without urgency.

Weaving a joyful pattern of love.

And the Goddess rejoices

In her sensuous bliss

His soul taking me

Higher and higher

My soul responding

Gasping, swooning

My bliss body merging with his

In a sea of sound and darkness,

Swirling heat that burns

Into my heart and heals it.


You have taken me, Shiva,

Taken me in my fullness

Saying yes to all of me,

Your soul singing our love.


And every pore of my body breathes

Your light, my light and the divine light

In which we both have our abode.

Overflowing with bliss

I cry out and laugh with joy

And you join in the laughter

And for a moment we are

Human again.


You move your chair

To sit in front of me -

Your knees touch mine,

Your eyes burning with intent.

I feel you entering me,

A different force now than before.

Warm waves of voluptuous fullness

Well up from my womb.

Your power deftly explores

Where it needs to go

Yet subtle, without agenda,

Following what it finds

Yet knowing what it wants to achieve.


We move closer together.

Our faces almost touching

We breath in the fragrance of each others soul

Savouring the delicate sweetness

Emanating in thousand tones

From the joy of our union.

And my soul finds in you

The places that need healing

And I breathe over you

What I took from your soul breath

After savouring it,

Wedding it to mine,

Transforming it through knowing

Into medicine

That heals us both.


And the fragrance of our souls

We give back to each other

As nectar. Our eyes

Are full of it and overflowing.


Our soul bodies take a backward step

To behold each other in this new found bliss.

Yet I feel Kula hot within me,

Dark light in the darkness of my womb.

And then I see the movements of your hands.

Hands that grow out of, overlay

Your fleshly ones,

And visible for me as they.

Hands that move and shape

A poem of Mudras.

One after the other

Like something you’ve learnt by heart

And practiced for lifetimes,

Fluid, fast, speaking without hesitation.


You move closer again,

Your exploring gets more urgent,

Mounting pleasure opens every cell

Ready to take in what ever

You give.

And what a gift it is

That takes me by surprise:

You speak to me.

The coils of your intent.

Teach me what you do

And how you do it

As you probe and move and give and take.

I am enraptured

Can there be something so much more

Powerful and deep,

Exciting and exhilarating

Than the exquisite bliss that

made me swoon before?

Yes! And I feel you moving in me,

Being moved by what you are moving

To go further, and higher, and deeper

Seeking the boundary

But there is none.


Dark red hot waves pulse through me,

Bhairava rises in me hot and hard,

Throwing me, carrying me

Illuminated by the dark radiant light

Of the Kula within my womb

He is splendid.

And I am one with him,

One with the waves,

I am the waves

Smashing against no shore,

I am the sea, the world,

The Goddess, I AM.


 You teach me the wisdom

Of my soul body

As you learn it,

Its width and breadth,

Its unfathomable depth and

Its heights that would make me dizzy

Did I not recognize them as myself.


You teach me the language of TANTRA

And I understand every word.

My responses come halting first

Repeating what I learned.

Then tentatively forming words

Addressing you.

My active vocabulary still small, yet

Our two voices sing

A powerful song that

Fills the space around us

In which we dance,

Teach, learn, cleave to each other, love and heal.


Enough, learning a new language takes time.

I am full, I need to savour now,

Digest what I have taken in,

Take a step back

And see the gift before me.

I need to study your tantric words

Which are reverberating in my soul

And bring them

Into my flesh body, into my bones,

To make them mine.

I need to explore the new space

You have opened and filled.

I am no longer

Who I was before.

I bow before you, beloved teacher

Who gives selflessly.


But you are also

No longer who you were.

I see it in your eyes

As they look at me

With love and joy and pride and some surprise.

I smile at you, Beloved,

knowing we have renewed

Our holy vows.



 ©Peter Wilberg 2006