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Illustrations of Field and Focal Awareness


Diagram 1: ‘Field Awareness’ - elements of our experience (sensations or emotions, thoughts or things) experienced within and as a part of a spacious, non-localised field of awareness.





Diagram 2: ‘Field attention’ - attending to a specific element of our experience within and as a part of a spacious field of awareness i.e. attending from Field Awareness.






Diagram 3: ‘Localised Awareness’ – elements of the field experienced from the ‘locus’ of awareness constituted by one element within it (for example, looking at things or thoughts we are aware of solely ‘through the lens’ of one particular thought or from the perspective of one particular person). The result of identification with elements of our experience.


Diagram 4: ‘Focalised Attention’. Elements of the field focussed on and objectified by one dominant element or complex of elements – ‘the ego’ - which does not experience either itself or its objects as parts of a field of awareness but sees those objects as separate and apart from one another, and experiences itself as a localised subject separate and apart from its objects.





















Diagram 5: ‘Transcendental-Immanent Awareness’ - the awareness field experiencing itself as not only embracing and transcending but immanent within and pervading all of its elements.





Diagram 6: Field Awareness as an awareness embracing both potential or emergent elements of experience (white ovoids) and actually present elements (grey ovoids).




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