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Expanding Spatial Awareness


Note: this meditation is to be practiced in the true tantric manner – attending to your ‘inner space’ but with your eyes still open. This is so that you can stay aware of the entire space around you (‘Bhairava Mudra’), expanding your awareness into that space and experiencing everything in it as an expression of it. This practice of Khechari Mudra – uniting the Kingdom outside with the Kingdom inside - is the key to all the miraculous ‘Siddhis’ exercised by great Yogis, Gurus and Avatars.


  1. Bring your awareness to the inwardly sensed surface of your chest and body as a whole. From that surface sense the empty spaces in front of, above, behind and to either side of your body.


  1. Attend entirely to your awareness of regions of empty space - those above and around your body, and those above, around and between other bodily objects or people.


  1. Be aware of the sky above and of the unlimited expanse of cosmic space, and of all empty regions of space in your immediate vicinity or scope of vision.


  1. Sense all regions of ‘empty’ space as part of an unlimited space of pure awareness – a space totally untainted by any psychical qualities, be they the ‘atmosphere’ of places, the ‘aura’ of people and the mood or ‘space’ you or others may feel themselves in.


  1. Feel your body surface again, this time sensing a hollow space of pure awareness within it – a space equally untainted by any thoughts, feelings or sensations you experience within it.


  1. Identify with the spaces of awareness around and between all that you experience outside and inside you – the space around and between your thoughts, emotions and physical sensations, the space around and between your body and other bodies.


  1. Attend to your breathing, and feel yourself breathing in the luminous translucency of the space around you, first through your chest and body surface as a whole - experiencing this as a breathing of pure awareness.


  1. Feel your chest and body surface as an open, porous, in-breathing skin or membrane uniting a content-free space of pure awareness within you with the ‘empty’ space of pure awareness surrounding your own body and all other bodies.