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Aspects of the Practice of Awareness


1.       Being Aware

Taking all the time necessary to be aware of all you are experiencing inwardly and outwardly, and of every distinct element of your experiencing, from thoughts and feelings, to somatic sensations and every element of your sensory environment.


2.      Bodily Awareness

Attending to the immediate bodily dimension of all that you are aware of experiencing - where and how you feel different things you perceive or are aware of in an immediate sensual, proprioceptive and bodily way.



Giving some form of authentic bodily expression to your awareness, for example through your posture, the tilt of your body or head, the look on your face or in your eyes, the tone or tempo of your voice – thus amplifying, bodying and silently communicating your awareness of it.


4.   unbounding your Awareness

Reminding yourself that your bodily awareness of your body is not itself bounded by your body, but is an unbounded bodiless awareness that permeates your body, all of space and every body in it.


5.   being-in-Awareness

You dwell in awareness as you dwell in space itself. Being-in-Awareness is a way of Being Awareness, by not identifying with what you are aware of, but identifying instead with the very spaces of awareness, inner and outer, in which you experience them.



expanding the ‘breathing space’ of your awareness by giving yourself time to be aware of the way you are - or are not – breathing, by shifting your awareness TO your breathing, and experiencing it as a breathing of awareness – feeling yourself breathing your awareness of the entire sensory space around you through your chest surface, felt as open and porous.



Being-in, Bodying and Breathing awareness are paths that lead from Being Aware to Being Awareness. Being Awareness means affirming and feeling the meaningfulness of all that you are aware of, whilst not identifying with it but instead identifying with the very awareness of it – Being that awareness instead of binding your awareness to what you are aware of. To BE awareness is to be the all-round space, inner and outer, in which you experience things - including your own body. To identify with AWARENESS as such is to identify with SPACE as such.


8.      unbinding awareness

Each time you become aware of experiencing something new, step back once again into Being Awareness in order to unbind your awareness from it – thus continuing both to Be Aware and to Be Awareness rather than letting your awareness become bound by anything you are aware of.



Relating in a meditative way by using every encounter as an opportunity to give yourself time to Be Aware of others, to Breathe in your awareness of them, and to feel the space around you both as a space of awareness in which you can both ‘Be in Awareness’ together.


10.      attaining Awareness Bliss

The bliss that arises from recognising that you are not a being with awareness but that you are awareness – part of the unbounded awareness that is ‘God’. Awareness Bliss is only attained through Being Aware, Being and Bodying Awareness, Breathing Awareness, and Being in Awareness with others, - breathing the divine awareness that both you and others are.


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