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The New Yoga offers us answers to questions central to understanding ultimate truth, and the ultimate meaning of life.


What is the ultimate meaning of life?

To be aware of all there is to be aware of, and to fulfil the inexhaustible creative potentialities of Awareness.


What is ultimate truth?

There is and can be nothing ‘outside’ awareness. Awareness is Everything. Conversely, Everthing IS an awareness in its own right – unique and individual.


What is the ultimate nature of reality?

The ultimate nature of reality is awareness itself, which is the source from which all things and all beings emerge and the very stuff of which they are composed.


What is ‘God’?

‘God’ is not a being ‘with’ awareness. God is awareness – an infinite and unbounded awareness. As such, God is indeed the source of all those infinite patterns, tones and qualities of awareness that manifest as ‘creation’ and all ‘creatures’.


What is ‘soul’ and what are ‘souls’?

‘Soul’ is the fundamental feeling character of awareness. ‘Souls’ are unique, individualised portions of the ultimate reality, of the unbounded or divine awareness that God IS.


What are bodies?

All ‘bodies’ are essentially nothing but bounded units of awareness, different shapes or forms of awareness, each composed of different qualities, tones and textures of feelingawareness - of ‘soul’.


What is death?

Death is the process of re-entry into the world of soul from which we all hail. This world is a multidimensional universe of awareness made up of countless planes of awareness - physical and non-physical - of which our own small planet is but one.


What is the afterlife?

The immediate ‘afterlife’ is just the particular region or regions of the soul world we enter and experience after death. It is also our entry point into the multidimensional universe of awareness that is the ‘soul world’ as such. This is a universe whose countless planes of reality can only be fully explored when we finally leave the reincarnational cycle that returns us to our physical plane and planet.


What is reincarnation?

Reincarnation is the on-going and universal process by which awareness takes on ever-new bodily shapes and forms, each of which in turn allows the realisation of new potentialities of awareness latent in our soul. It occurs not just between lives on this plane and planet but within any given life, and in all planes of reality that make up the multidimensional universe of awareness.


What is the meaning of ‘religion’?

To ‘re-link’ with ‘God’ – that Divine Awareness of which our soul is one unique portion.


What is ‘life’?

The eternal process of giving creative expression to the unbounded and unique potentialities of the Divine Awareness which make up our own soul, thus expanding its creative Powers, allowing it to experience new worlds, and to take on ever new bodily shapes and forms.


What is ‘health’?

Health is the degree to which one is fully living – creatively expanding, enriching, expressing and embodying one’s awareness, both in this life and in the afterlife and beyond.


What is ‘illness’?

Anything symptomatic of an obstruction, mental or physical, felt or unfelt, manifest or unmanifest, individual or social, to life - to the free expansion, enrichment, expression and embodiment of awareness.


What is ‘good’?

Anything that supports life and overcomes obstructions to life - whether creatively or destructively.


What is ‘evil’?

Evil is ignorance. More specifically it is anything that is blamed for extremes of suffering that comes out of ignorant or unaware action.


What is ‘the self’?

That portion of the Divine Awareness that knows itself in and through your soul – that knows itself as YOU – and that portion of your soul that knows itself as a unique SELF-expression of the Divine Awareness.


What is ‘the ego’?

That portion of human awareness which experiences itself as entirely separate from its source in the divine awareness, and indeed regards awareness as such as its own private property, a consciousness that it ‘possesses’. When we use the word ‘I’ we often imply our ‘ego’ - representing our ‘self’ or ‘I’ as if it were the source of our awareness, and as if it were an awareness separate from that of all others.


What is ‘love’?

‘Love’ is letting our feeling awareness fully receive or flow into, identify with or pervade, take in or take on the form of something or someone other than Self – whether an idea, thing or being - letting our own soul flow into the form or body of the other and vice versa.


What is ‘knowledge’?

Awareness is direct or immediate ‘knowing’. ‘Knowledge’ on the other hand, is awareness manifested or reflected in any form – intellectual, poetic, artistic or bodily. A book may manifest and reflect awareness in the form of intellectual knowledge. It also manifests the knowledge gone into its manufacture. Ultimately all things and beings, natural or man-made, are not just ‘objects’ of knowledge but knowledge as such – ‘knowing’ made manifest.


What are ‘the gods’?

The gods are non-physical fields and condensations of awareness of such breadth and intensity that their knowing awareness can bring into manifestation and sustain whole worlds or dimensions of reality. Each god is a channel for the manifestation of particular powers or potentialities of awareness, and imbued with its own qualities of awareness.


What is ‘creation’?

We do not ‘make’ our dreams – they emerge within our dreaming awareness. The womb does not ‘make’ a baby. The baby grows – emerges – within it. Creation is not ‘making’. God is not a ‘maker’, but that Divine Awareness which is the womb of all things. The ‘physical’ world is not a result of God’s making but of that process of emergence which the Greeks called ‘Physis’. ‘Creation’ is ‘Physis’ - the on-going and eternal process by which potential patterns and qualities of awareness emerge into manifestation.


What is ‘destruction’?

The on-going and eternal process of transformation necessary in order for new potential patterns or forms of awareness to be created or brought into manifestation.


What is ‘energy’?

Energy is not any actual or manifest ‘thing’ that exists in any form. It is the power and process of actualising or giving manifest form to awareness from potentialities of awareness - and of transforming them in order to actualise new potentialities. It is potentiality released as power of action - creative and destructive, formative and transformative.


What is ‘power’?

Power is condensed awareness and condensed knowing. In particular it is a condensed awareness of potentiality which  the source of creative and destructive, formative and transformative processes of actualisation.


What are ‘ideas’?

‘Ideas’ are not just thoughts or concepts in our minds. They are inner patterns of awareness, fluid not fixed. They not only pattern our thoughts but things themselves, and the way we perceive them. Ideas are also the inner patterns of feelings, actions and events – of all experience. They find expression not just intellectually but in art, music, life and in matter itself.


What is ‘Shiva-Shakti’?

‘Shiva’ is a Tantric name for ‘God’, understood as identical with awareness, and associated with the innate ‘light’ of awareness. ‘Shakti’ is a Tantric name for the ‘feminine’ aspect of divinity, associated with the ‘power’ of awareness – the capacity (‘Shak’) to actualise its innate and infinite potentialities, powers or ‘Shaktis’. ‘Shiva-Shakti’ is the ultimate Tantric term for Divinity as an inseparable couple - uniting the Divine Awareness (Shiva) with the free and autonomous actualisation (Shakti) of its potentialities or ‘powers’ (Shaktis).


©Peter Wilberg 2007