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Despite Martin Heidegger’s understanding of the kinship of thinking (Denken) and poetising (Dichten), philosophy is not normally associated in Western thought with verse form. In the East, not least in the tantric tradition of ‘Kashmir Shaivism’, karika(s) are metaphysical verses on philosophical and linguistic themes. Among the most famous of these are the Spandakarikas of Kshemaraja - themselves commentaries on the foundational revelatory aphorisms or sutra(s) of Vasugupta - the ‘Shiva-Sutras’. The literal meaning of sutra is ‘thread’. Tantra means ‘loom’ or ‘weave’. Thus a karika can be considered as the weaving together of different threads (sutra) of thought in the form of verse stanzas. Even if seemingly abstract or metaphysical in content, karikas are nevertheless religiously inspired. Hence the tradition of beginning and ending them with propitiatory verses dedicated to the author’s deity and to his teacher or guru. In this way they bring out the third dimension of Heidegger’s threefold, not only Denken (thinking) and Dichten (poetising) but also Danken - thanking. An example is provided in the dedicatory verses of the Spandakarikas:


She, who is ever conscious of the vitality of mantra, who is the endless flash of the perfect and complete ‘I’-consciousness whose essence consists of a multitude of letters, who is the goddess embodying gnosis, ever knows the totality of categories from the Earth up to Shiva, which is one in substance with her own Self, and portrayed out of Her own nature on the canvas of Her own free, clear Self, just as a city is reflected in a mirror (from which it is non-separate).

In this world, the excessive greatness of Self was revealed to the exalted preceptor Vasugupta by Shiva’s inspiration. He received instruction in a dream and thus, on Mahadeva mountain, he obtained through divine will the most esoteric Shiva-Sutras … He, by demonstrating the agreement of revelation, experience and reasoning, put together the import of the sutras in an abridged form by means of 51 verses which were deep in sense but expressed in lucid form.

All glory to the Supreme Creative Pulsation of awareness which is the abode of flashing, uparalleled delight whose majesty of path extends to far-reaching areas, from the earth up to Shiva … This is the work of Kshemaraja who has received instruction from Abhinavagupta, the great devotee of the great Lord.


Jaideva Singh Spanda-Karikas The Divine Creative Pulsation


What follows is the first collection of karikas in the tradition of Kashmir Shaivism to be compiled in the 21st century. They seek to condense (‘Dichten’) in lucid form the essence of what I call ‘The New Yoga of Awareness - Tantric Wisdom for Today’s World’. Thus I dedicate them to Kshemaraja, whose karikas first inspired my own, and to the writings of his great teacher or ‘preceptor’ - Abhinavagupta.

























The Wisdom of Tantra:

‘God is not a being ‘with’ Awareness.

God is Awareness, unbounded and all-encompassing.

God is within everything because Awareness is within everything.

There is nothing outside God, because there is nothing outside Awareness.

Awareness is not a property or by-product of our bodies, our brains or of any being.

Yet there is no thing - no body or being - that is not a portion of the Divine Awareness.

Therefore to truly recognise ‘God’ in all things is to recognise Awareness in all things.
God IS everything because Awareness is everything, - and because everything

Is a shape of Awareness, composed of the divine ‘God-stuff’ of Awareness.

Awareness is the divine source of all things - of all bodies and all beings.

Awareness alone is also absolute and divine Freedom - liberating us

From bondage to anything we happen to be aware OF.

So whatever you are currently aware of,

Just BE the Awareness of it.








There would be ‘nothing’ at all

No things and no thoughts

To think them with.


No Worlds

To be Aware of,

And no Words for them.

No Earth, Sun, Sea or Sky,

Matter, Energy, Space or Time.

No Bodies or Beings.




Therefore, can belong to

No one, no being and no body.

Nobody ‘has’ or ‘possesses’ Awareness.

No plant, animal or human being.

Yet every body and every being

Every thing and every thought

Every sensation or emotion



The Ultimate Truth -


Every landmass, ocean, river and cloud,

Every particle and atom, cell and organism.

Every rock and plant, fish and animal.

Every body in space and time.

Every planet and star.


Every Universe.

To be aware of any reality at all,

Any thought or thing, being or body, self or world,

There needs first of all to be the reality of Awareness.

Yet if every reality also IS an Awareness, then


Ultimate Reality.








Everything is aware.

          Everything is an awareness.

A flower for example, is an awareness


As is any thing - from an atom or cell to a


Body, feeling, thought,  word, person, or god.


Therefore the simple awareness of a flower is 


An awareness of an awareness - not just


An awareness that the flower  ‘is’, but


An awareness of the awareness


That is the flower






Nothing in the world is not aware.


Every thing we are aware of is itself an awareness.


Every thing we are aware of is part of an awareness world.


Everything we are aware of in the world has its own awareness world.


All worlds, and every thing in them, are each and all awareness worlds.


Aware of this, our awareness expands to embrace new awareness worlds.


Each of us is nothing but a unique awareness of the world – an awareness world.


The horizon of our being and of our world is thus the horizon of our awareness.


Our very being is nothing but an awareness of being and of being in a world.


The very essence of our being is a world embracing awareness.


All things in the world and all worlds are awareness worlds.


God is awareness as such - and as such embraces and


Pervades all things and all their worlds,


For they are all awareness worlds.







First, it is a yoga of Awareness.

Secondly, it is a yoga of the Body.

Thirdly, it is a yoga of Communication

This is the first ABC of The New Yoga:

Awareness - Bodyhood – Communication.

Yet The New Yoga is also more than this A, B and C, for

Awareness, Bodyhood and Communication cannot be separated.

Awareness has its own Bodily shape, sensuality and substantiality.

Bodyhood being the sensual shape and substantiality of our Awareness.

Our body is itself and most essentially an Awareness Body.

Yet Awareness also Communicates,

Whether or not it is expressed in words or actions.

Our Awareness of others, the way we feel them with our Bodies,

Is something that Communicates directly to them.

This is the second ABC of The New Yoga.

In feeling other beings

We also touch and are touched by them.

We feel and give form to this direct Communication of Awareness

With our feeling body, our soul body, our Awareness Body.

All bodies are essentially Awareness Bodies in Communication.

All awareness is essentially a Bodily Awareness of Communication.

And all communication is a Bodily Communication of Awareness.

The New Yoga is the yoga of

Awareness, Bodyhood and Communication

Thus the essential ABC of The New Yoga is

Awareness, Body and Communication.







Always and forever,

All days, and at each and

Every moment of your life:

AWARENESS alone is





Of a thought

Is not itself a thought.

It is an awareness

That is free of





Of a perception

Is not itself a perception.

It is an awareness free of perception.

Your awareness of an emotion

Is not itself an emotion.

But is an awareness

Free of emotion.




Of a bodily sensation

Is not itself a sensation,

But is an awareness

Free of sensation.


You are not aware because

You see and hear, think and feel things.

For through your very awareness of seeing and hearing,

Thinking and feeling things, your awareness is itself

Freed from the things you are aware of,

Making you truly aware.


Yet when your

Awareness becomes confined

To some ‘thing’ you are aware of, it becomes unfree,

Bound to that thing, or to the thought of it.

Trapped by ‘one thing or another’.



Do not attend to things, but

Attend to your awareness of those things

Then your awareness becomes free of them.

You will begin to feel your own

Free-awareness field.


If you find it difficult to

Attend to your awareness of something,

Then be aware of other things at the same time.

In this way, by uniting your awareness of

One thing with that of another, you

Free it from both things.


So if you feel

A pain in a part of your head.

Or a disturbing thought comes to mind in it.

Attend not to the pain or thought but to your

Awareness of the pain or thought, wherever

You sense it in your head.


Attend also to your awareness of

Your head as a whole, not just the pain or thought within it;

To your awareness of your trunk as a whole, not just your head.

And to your awareness of other parts of your body,

Such as your feet and legs, your lower body.


Or better still, attend to your

Awareness of your body surface as a whole,

Your awareness of the entire space around it, and of

All other bodies you are aware of within that surrounding space.

Then feel your body’s inwardness as a hollow space of awareness,

And feel your body surface itself as a breathing membrane between

Its own outer and inner spaces of awareness, uniting them

Through your breathing into a singular awareness field,

Your larger field and larger body of awareness.

Then you can come to feel your awareness


As a blessed air, and as a breeze that circulates like air,

Filling the space around you and enveloping all objects within it.

This is an air that, like the air around a house, invisibly surrounds

The very walls whose inner spaces you find yourself within.

An air that invisibly circulates not only around you, but

Beneath the very ground under your feet.


When your awareness of things

Floats free of all the things you are aware of, then

All thing can come to float in the infinite expanse

And all things can sink into the infinite depths

Of your free awareness field.


Every thing,

Every body in space

Has a holy space, a spacious

Hollow of awareness within it.

It also has a halo, a hallowed

Space of awareness

Around it.


Feeling the sublime

Spaciousness of your awareness field

You can come to feel the blessed holy air of your awareness

As the hallowed essence of breath, of the air you exhale and

Inhale, an air absorbed through the very pores of your skin,

An air that fills the holy hollow of every cell in

Your divine awareness body.

Just as awareness


Can be breathed as a blessed air.

A subtle, all surrounding breeze or draught

So it can also be sensed as a flowing fluid warmth

A radiant light, a myriad of sparkling colours.

Or a symphony of silent sounds.


The free awareness field is a source of

Countless sensual qualities of awareness, subtle and intense,

Countless flows and figurations, colourations and tonalities of awareness.

By attending to your awareness of sensory qualities, you can begin to

Experience the richly sensual qualities of awareness itself.


There is awareness of outwardness, of actuality.

And there is awareness of inwardness, of unbounded potentiality.

There is your awareness of actual things and their sensory qualities,

And there are potential qualities of awareness itself, no less sensual.

These potentialities of awareness, darkly latent in the light of your

Free awareness field, are the inwardness that is the source of

All outwardness, flowing through and forming all things.


Parashiva – the very light and lightness

Of the all surrounding, all pervading free awareness field

Parashakti, the vitality of awareness that fills all actual things.

Durga, the dark inwardness of potentiality

That is their very well-spring.


Yet are not all colours formed of light and darkness?

Do not all things shimmer and quiver with the exquisite

Vibration of their own as-yet unsensed potentials, all those

Immanent powers that She, the Great Goddess, Mahadevi,

Makes solid and manifest as matter, as all things we are aware of?

Letting them manifest in our free awareness field, and thus

Shine forth as its very self-manifestation - and yours?


For what is

Your ownmost, innermost

Most divine Self, if it is not the constant

Shimmering, shining forth of the free awareness field itself,

The very air of awareness itself that we can each breathe freely?

This awareness is not frozen or fixated by any-thing in the world, for

It envelops and pervades all possible things, all possible worlds.

It is that Self which is no thought and no-thing, and yet

Which is not nothing, for it is all possible

Qualities of Awareness itself.

Free to be them all.





(with special acknowledgements to Andrew Gara)


True ‘knowledge’ is direct AWARENESS.

Truly ‘knowing’ means BEING AWARE.


Awareness is not just

‘Knowing’ you are going into the kitchen,

To cook, wash up or make a cup of tea or coffee, and

Not just ‘knowing’ you are cooking, washing up or making tea, but

Being AWARE of every aspect of your bodily and

Sensory experience of doing so.


Awareness is not just

‘Knowing what you think’

About someone or something, but

Being aware of thinking particular thoughts

About those things and people.


Awareness is not just

‘Knowing in your own mind’

What you ‘feel’ about something or someone,

Not just ‘knowing what you feel’ in your mind, but

Being aware of those feelings in your

Body and feeling them in an

Immediate, bodily way.


Awareness is not just

‘Knowing what you are doing’

Whenever you do it, and whatever it is, but

Being aware of every aspect of your immediate, bodily and sensory

Experience of doing it, and of all the thoughts behind or

Accompanying that aware experiencing of action.


Awareness is not just ‘knowing’

That you are feeling or thinking something;

Seeing or hearing something, touching or handling something,

Walking somewhere or talking to someone, breathing or speaking, but

Being aware of every aspect of your immediate sensory,

Bodily and mental experience of doing so.


Awareness is not just

‘Knowing your own mind’ and

Acting or reacting accordingly, without awareness, but

Being aware of where your actions and reactions are ‘coming from’,

Aware of the thoughts and feelings they express, and

Aware too of the bodily experience of yourself

That is reflected in that ‘mind’

You think you ‘know’.


Awareness is not

Mental, verbal or intellectual knowing.

It is not even unaware, tacit or silent knowing.

It is the other way round.

True knowing is



Only if you are aware

Of what you think you ‘know’,

Can you truly ‘know’ that which

You are aware of.


Ultimate truth is

Knowing Awareness.

This knowing awareness is

Not simply an awareness of things.

It is that primordial awareness

Which is the very source of

All things and all beings;

Of all there is to be

Aware of, and all

That is and can

Be known.







If people get lost in

Any form of activity or experiencing,

Whether thinking or talking, watching TV

Engaging in their work or in everyday chores,

Worrying about their life, or just feeling particular

Emotions, sensations, pains or pleasures,

Then though they may be conscious,

Yet they are not AWARE.


Thus you may be conscious 

Of making yourself a cup of coffee.

Yet how aware are you of your whole body and of

Your breathing as you do so, of your every accompanying

Thought and feeling, and of the feel of each object you handle?

And how aware are you of the other things and people in the

Space around you as you ‘consciously’

Make your cup of coffee?


Similarly, you may be

Conscious of what you are seeing on TV

Or what you are hearing another person say.

Yet how aware are you of your own body

As you do so, of other objects in the

Room besides the TV, and of the

Whole body of the person

As they speak?


Whenever our attention gets

Focussed or fixated on any one thing

We are experiencing or conscious of,



Unlike consciousness,

Awareness is not focussed on

Any one thing we consciously experience.

Awareness is more like the SPACE

Surrounding us and all things

We experience within it;

Inseparable and yet

Distinct from them.


 ‘Consciousness’ is

‘Ego-awareness’, an awareness

Focussed on or identified with some

Element of our experience.


Awareness is more than just

Ego-awareness - focal awareness.

It is a field awareness that embraces every

Single element of our experience, whilst

Remaining distinct from them all.


To be aware

Does not mean ‘watching’,

‘Observing’ or ‘witnessing’ the

Contents of our ‘consciousness’

For that would imply a second,

Split-off, ‘witnessing’ self.


The Self that is truly

aware is not an alter-ego

Or second self that ‘has’ or ‘possesses’

Awareness as its private property.

It IS awareness.



is not the property of

Any ego, ‘I’ or self that

We can experience - any Experienced self.

Instead it is the experiencing self that is nothing but

Awareness itself and as such - an awareness that embraces

Every possible self or ‘I’ we can experience and 

Every possible content of ‘consciousness’,

Whilst at the same time transcending

All such contents of consciousness.

For it is nothing but the pure


Of them.




How do know you have a body?

Because you can see it in the mirror?

Because others see it from the outside?

Because anatomists have explored its insides?

Or because you feel it – are aware of it - from the inside?

Your body is no mere bodily ‘thing’ you carry around.

Instead, even as an object, the Body is but the outwardly

Perceived form of your inwardly felt Self.


It is not some physical thing

That you happen to feel from within.

Nor is it an awareness bounded by your skin.

It is an inwardly felt boundary of your awareness.

Dividing all that you feel as ‘me’ from all you perceive as ‘not-me’.

Your body then, is a body of feeling awareness – of ‘soul’.

Yet this is not a ‘soul’ confined within your body, for like

The very space around your body, it embraces

Every other body within it, not just your own.

Awareness as such - like space - is nothing bodily.

Thus too, awareness of being a body is not itself something bodily.

It is formless - like the space that surrounds and permeates all bodies.

Awareness IS that space, distinct but inseparable from bodies within it.

Your body, like all bodies, is a bodily form OF this formless awareness.

It is formed from within a boundless, bodiless space OF awareness.

What is the body? It is bodiless awareness of bodyhood.

Felt as a bodily shape and texture OF awareness.





What body is it

That feels inwardly closer

Or more distant to others,

However near or far they are

In space and time?


What body is it

With which we sense another person’s

Inner warmth or coolness of feeling,

And our own?


What body is it

With which we sense

The levity or weighty gravity,

Lightness or heaviness

Brightness or darkness.

Of a person’s moods,

And of our own?


What body is it

That now feels light and airy

Now meltingly warm and fluid

Now heavy and dense?


What body is it

With which we feel ‘high’ or ‘low’

‘Uplifted’, ‘down’, or ‘beside’ ourselves

‘At home’ in our bodies, ‘spaced out’,

Or confined in our skins,

As in a cage?


 What body is it

With which we feel

‘Drawn out’ of ourselves, or

Into which we feel withdrawn into ourselves,

As if into some warm and nurturing womb

Or else some cold and solitary

Prison or tomb?


What body is it

Whose felt surface boundary can

Seem to expand or contract from within,

Rigidify or loosen from within, feeling like

A sensitive and vulnerable skin,

A tight and constrictive skin,

A porous, breathing skin,

A rubbery diving suit,

Or a loose-fitting



 What body is it

That can feel like

A grey will o’ the wisp,

Or a translucent and




What is this body which

We can each feel in all

These many different ways?

It is our inwardly felt body

It is our Feeling Body.

The body with which

We feel ourselves,

And others too.


It is not the fleshly body

With its physical senses and sensations,

With which we feel our selves in all these ways,

Not the physical body we can measure and weigh.

Instead it is our inner body - our body of feeling awareness

Composed of all the sensual and spatial dimensions

Of feeling that make up our own soul.

It is our soul body, a body whose

Feeling awareness is unbounded

By the fleshly skin, whose only

Boundaries are boundaries

Of feeling awareness.


With what body except this

Can we dissolve the fleshly boundaries

The fleshly boundaries that seem to

Separate us in space from others?

With which our soul can feel its

Way into the bodies of other,

And feel their soul in ours?

It is our soul body.


What body is it

That both in-forms

And survives the flesh?

It is our awareness body,

Our soul body.


Your fleshly body is but the

Outer form taken by your soul.

That soul is nothing disembodied.

It is indeed your true body,

Your eternal inner form,



It bears  the resonant trace of all

All the bodies you have ever been, and

Every body you have ever encountered.

It is this body that in-forms your very genes,

And takes form as all the manifold

Figures of your imagination,

And of your dreams.

It is not composed

Of tissue, bone and blood.

It is that very stuff of which

Shakespeare spoke, that stuff

Of which dreams are made of,

And from which we

Make ourselves.








You are all

That you can feel.

If you can feel the colours

Of a glorious sunset, then

The feeling you have of that sunset

Becomes a felt part of what you are.

If you feel the joy or sadness of another.

Then that joy or sadness is part of what you are.

You are not a being that happens to just ‘have’ feelings.

The only limits to your being are the limits of your feeling awareness.

Feelings are not something we happen to be aware of as human beings.

They are the felt qualities of awareness that define our being.

Feeling is not something bounded by our fleshly bodies.

It is what allows us to feel every body around us,

In the entire field of our feeling awareness.

With your own body you give form

To what you most truly are, to

What you feel yourself to be

To your ‘field being’.

Your ‘feeld’ being.








Who are you?

You are not what you think.

You are not the self you experience.

You are not your experience of yourself.

You are not your experience of the world.

You are more than the sum of all your experiences.

You are more than the sum of all you ever have experienced.

You are the awareness of all you experience within and around you.

You are not your body or mind, perceptions, emotions or actions.

You are the awareness of all these elements of your experience.

That awareness transcends your body, mind and emotions.

That awareness is not bounded by your body or mind.

That awareness is not even your personal property.

Still less is it a property of your mind, body or brain.

It does not belong to you. You belong to it.

For you, your body and your mind, are

Shapes taken by that awareness,

Within that awareness.







 Are we aware

By virtue of our having

Minds and bodily sense organs, or

Because we have thoughts and perceptions,

Emotions and sensations, or because

We experience diverse impulses

Urges, pleasures

Or pains?


Is awareness

A by-product of our bodies and brain?

Or are our bodies themselves – all bodies in space

But the bodily shapes taken by our field of awareness

The field or feel-d of our feeling awareness of other beings?

Do we feel because we have bodies and brains,

But because we are feeling beings?



Our bodies are

The fleshly embodiment

Of all that we feel, within and around us.

The bodying and embodiment of

Our feeling awareness, our

Field awareness, our

Free awareness



No body,

Even our own,

Can possibly be perceived

Except by appearing within a field of awareness.

How then can awareness be localised in our bodies or brains,

When all bodies are but localised perceptual

Shapes, tones and qualities of awareness,

Taking shape in fields of awareness.

Visible only in the light of our awareness?


How can our bodies or brains be the

Biological basis or origin of awareness,

When they are but the felt shape of our awareness

Giving form to the way we

Feel ourselves to be?


Awareness is

Not a blank mirror,

Not an empty vessel,

A void waiting to be filled with

Sensations and perceptions,

Emotions and




Has its own felt,

Sensual qualities of

Lightness or heaviness.

Brightness or darkness,

Spacious openness

Or closedness.

Warmth or



Our field of

Feeling awareness

Brightens and darkens,

Expands and contracts,

Dulls or sharpens

Like a sound,


It is coloured by those

Feeling tones we call moods,

Those felt tonalities of awareness,

That colour the whole way we feel ourselves,

The way we feel other people, experience.

The world around us, and

And each object

In it.



Has its own innate

Spatiality and substantiality,

Sometimes felt as diffuse and airy.

Other times as viscous and fluid.

Light and fiery or dense or solid.

This elemental substantiality

Of awareness, is the very

Matter of ‘mind’,








Thinking is not just ‘having’ thoughts about things.

Thinking is being aware of having the thoughts we have.


Not being aware of the thoughts we have,

How can we be said to be ‘thinking’ at all?


Just ‘having’ thoughts about things, we lose

Awareness of our thoughts as thoughts.


Just having thoughts about things, we lose direct

Awareness of the things we are thinking about.


Losing direct awareness, we easily confuse our thoughts

About things with our direct awareness of those things.


Not being aware of our thoughts, we sacrifice direct

Awareness of things to our thoughts ‘about’ them.


Only by being aware of the thoughts we have, can we

Compare them with this direct awareness of things.


The thoughts we ‘have’ can easily fixate

Awareness on just one thing or aspect of it.


Being aware of the thoughts we have, they do not

Become fixated on any one thing or aspect of it.


Being aware of our thoughts, a space opens

For the awareness of many things at the same time.


Just as having thoughts fixates our awareness on things,

So does ‘reasoning’ fixate our thoughts on other thoughts.


Reasoning is having thoughts about other thoughts.

That is not the same thing at all as aware thinking.


With awareness of our thoughts, we do not need to

‘Reason out’ their connection with each other.


Having thoughts, we easily get locked or

‘Lost in thought’ - in thinking ‘about’ things.


Being aware of thoughts, we do not

Get locked or lost in those thoughts.


Being aware of thoughts, we can freely

Let them come and go within awareness.


The awareness of a thing is not itself a thing.

The awareness of a thought is not itself a thought.


The awareness of thought is itself

A pure, thought-free awareness!


Since the awareness of thought is itself thought-free,

There is no need to ‘empty’ our minds of thoughts.


Simply being aware of our thoughts we can

Abide in a field of pure, thought-free awareness.


And we can experience that field of pure awareness

As the divine source of all thoughts - and of all things.


We ourselves are living thoughts made flesh in the

Infinite awareness field that is ‘God’ - the divine.


Thoughts are not reflections ‘on’ or ‘of’ things, but

They are reflections of the divine light of awareness.


Things are radiant manifestations of that light,

Composed of countless photons of awareness.


Thoughts and things are both forms taken

By the divine light of awareness itself.


The light of pure awareness is that light which

First allows us to be aware of any thing at all.


The light of pure awareness is that light in which

All things and all thoughts first come to light.


‘Pure thinking’ is the innate intelligence of that light,

Knowing itself as the source of all thoughts and things.


Look around you and be aware of all the things that

Are visible in the light that fills the space around them.


Know that light itself is that very awareness

In which all things and thoughts come to light.


See how things glisten and shine in that light.

Recognise them as expressions of that light.


Thoughts can shed light on things or

Cast distorting shadows on them.


Thoughts that arise from pure awareness,

Crystallise our direct awareness of things.


Only through awareness of thoughts, can things

Themselves reveal themselves in their true light.


The revelation of things in the pure

Light of awareness – that is ‘thinking’.


Thinking has no ‘objects’ - for like things, it is

A shining expression of the Supreme Subject.


"It is I, The Great Lord, who - as PureAwareness - always shines thus as all Things."

This 'thusness' or 'thisness' of things
Is their very 'thought' itself - illumined.

 (Quotation from the Paratrishika-Vivarana of Abhinavagupta)






The word ‘feeling’ is a verb.

That means feeling is something we do.

If we cannot feel a finger of our own hand.

We cannot feel an object with that finger.

Nor feel the way the object

Feels to our touch.


If we cannot

Feel any part of our body.

We can feel no other body with it.

If we cannot feel our body as a whole.

Then nor can we feel

Some-body else.


Feeling is not

Something bounded

By our physical body or skin.

Just looking at a distant object, we also

Feel the way it would feel to our touch.

Seeing it at a distance, we also

Feel its surface texture,

Its material density.

The tone it would

Make if struck.


Our feeling body is a field body.

The spacious field of our feeling awareness.

With it we can feel the space behind us, and those

Beneath and beside us, no less than those before our eyes.

With it, we can feel the presence of nearby objects.

Like the blind, who feel their way through space.

Whose seeing is a feeling sight.






What is

The Field?

The ‘Field’ is the ‘Feel-d’

It is not an ‘energy field’.

The Feeld is the spacious field of our

Feeling awareness of ourselves and others,

Of our own bodies, and of all other bodies in space.

It is the very space of our feeling awareness,

The field of our feeling awareness.

It is a feeling-field.

It is quite simply

space, as we

Feel it.







The Soul is our

Own inwardly felt Body.

But this is a field body unbounded by the flesh.

An awareness body whose only boundaries are

The boundaries of awareness we place

Between ‘I’ and ‘not-I’

Self and World.


The only

Boundary of the soul is

A field-boundary of awareness

That enables us to feel our

Own insideness and



Yet all

That we see outside us

Is also something we can feel within.

Our inwardly felt body is the soul body

With which we feel our own

Insideness and



The body with which

We feel ourselves, and with which

We can also feel others, not only outside


 But within ourselves.

It is through feeling others

With our selves, we come to feel

Our own other selves.


The soul is a body.

A body made up not of cells

But of selves, each with their own body,

Every soul is thus a group of selves

Some of which we identify as

‘Ourself’, whereas others

We identify with







Mind and body,

The word and the flesh are

Both the outwardness of

The soul.


The soul

Is not the mind.

It is the resonant inwardness of

Both mind and body,

Word and flesh.


The soul

Is not the body.

The body is the speech of the soul

Its inner word or logos become flesh.

With our souls we inwardly

Sound, speak and sing

Our fleshly bodies

Into being, thus

Bodying our




Is the logos of the psyche.

Its sounding, singing ‘word’ or ‘speech’

‘Psycho-logy’ is



 Soul-speech is that

Living language of the soul, by which

We quite literally utter our own bodies.

Soul-speech is a language of inner soul sounds.

These soul sounds cannot be uttered with the body.

They are the sounds with which we utter our bodies.

Outer sounds are shapings of vibratory tone.

Inner sounds are shapings of

Inner feeling tone.


Every self that

Is part of our soul, has its

Own inner sound and feeling tone.

It is a unique way of feeling ourselves,

Feeling the world, and

Feeling others.


The soul has

No name we can utter.

For it is an entire alphabet

Of inner sounds and inner selves.

Combined and recombined in countless names.

Inner sounds take the form of both consonant and vowel.

Through these soul-sounds we per-sonify who we are

Through the consonants we embody our souls.

Through the inner vowels we

Ensoul our bodies.


If the body of a word is its sound,

Then the soul of that word is its sense.

This sense is its inner sound or resonance.

The word of the soul is a body of inner sound.

Every visible body is a three-dimensional sound.

It is a word shaped by the speech of the soul.

Inner sense or meaning materialised

As sense-perceptible matter,

Through inner sound.








The world is the word of the Divine Soul

Springing from its Divine Speech

A singing, sounding speech

Whose source is a single

Fundamental tone,

Seeding all souls

With its sacred











Mind is not soul.

Yet mindfulness is

Mindfulness of soul.

And mindfulness of soul means

Mindfulness of our inwardly felt body.

That inwardly felt body is our feeling body.

It is a field body unbounded by the flesh

With it we feel ourselves and others.

With it we give bodily form to

Whatsoever and whosoever

We feel ourselves to be.

It is our eternal form,


Our body eternal.

Our eternally








What is Meditation?



What is meditation?

Is it sitting cross-legged, straight-backed

Eyes closed, trying – and maybe failing - not to think?

Seeking to concentrate inwardly, ‘single-pointedly’,

Free of the ‘distractions’ of your senses, of

Your mind and body?


That is not the essence of meditation.

For meditation needs no fixed body posture,

Only awareness of your whole bodily posture,

Whatever it is and whenever you

Change it in any way.


Meditation does not need you to

Keep your body still, face Buddha-masked,

Only that you be aware of your movements,

And of every muscle of your body,

Limbs, face and eyes.


Meditation does not need you to

Cease all thinking, feeling, seeing and hearing.

Only that you be aware of your thoughts and feelings.

Only that you be aware of your mind and body.

And aware too, of your sensory environment.

That means keeping your eyes open

And your senses alive.


Meditation does not need you to
 Free yourself from body, mind or the senses.

For awareness of your body is not itself anything bodily.

Just as awareness of mind is not itself anything mental.

Just as awareness of a thought is not itself a thought.

And awareness of a thing is not itself a thing.

Instead awareness itself is thought-free,

Sense-free and body-free.


Meditation is a pure,

Bodiless awareness of your body.

A pure thought-free awareness of your thoughts.

A  pure impulse and desire-free awareness of your desires

A pure action-free awareness of action.

And a pure sense-free awareness of

All things bright and beautiful,

And all things dark and ugly.


Meditation is not

Something you need set aside times to do.

For there is nothing you need ‘do’ to meditate,

Except give yourself time to be aware -

At any time, and for as long a time

As you can sustain.


Meditation does not need you to

Close your eyes, wrap yourself in a bubble,

Or shut yourself off from the world around you,

In order to go inside yourself.

Meditation means fully

Opening yourself to the space around you,

Whilst staying within yourself.


Meditation is not

Single-pointed concentration, but

Expanding your awareness to more fully

Embrace all possible focal points of attention,

Both within and around you, yet without need for

Single-minded concentration on

Any one focus of attention.


Meditation means

Taking time to give yourself more space,

To feel more free awareness space within and around you,

 It means identifying with the seeming emptiness of space.

It means living and dwelling in pure awareness

As you live and dwell in space itself.


Meditation means knowing that

Pure awareness and space are actually

One and the same, both equally distinct from

Every thing, thought and body within them,

From everything you are aware of.


This is the secret of meditation

Guarded in the tantras, the secret called

Bhairava Mudra – uniting inner and outer awareness

By meditating with the eyes open.


 This is the secret of meditation

Guarded in the tantras, the secret called

Khechari Mudra – identifying with the space,

Within and around all things, and

Within and around you.


The aim of meditation is to know

That Self which not only lets itself be aware of

Things and thoughts - but IS that very awareness,

Spacious and pure.


Meditation can teach us to feel and

Be that Body which can breathe this pure awareness,

Breathe it like air and light into the inner spaces of the body

From the spaces around and surrounding it.


Meditation can teach us to feel and

Be that Self which is awareness, pure and simple.

This is not an awareness bounded by our bodies or brains.

But an awareness whose body is the entire universe.

And every single body within it.


Meditation can teach us to

Experience the reality of this divine

Awareness Self and its Awareness Body,

The Divine Self and Body of

Lord Shiva.







God is not aware.

God is not even a being ‘with’ awareness.

God is that awareness, infinite and unbounded.

That is the source of all beings.

And of All That Is.


You yourself are not aware.

You are a unique portion of the awareness that God IS.

Awareness is not the property of any thing we are aware of,

There is nothing that is not a portion of the awareness that is God.

Awareness is not the property of any self or ‘I’.

Awareness is your very self, divine.

Do not then, identify with any

Thing you are aware of.

But be your true self.

Be awareness.

Be ‘God’.






The ultimate answer to the question

‘Who are you?’ is, quite simply - You are God.

For just as God gave birth to human beings in His dreaming awareness,

So are human beings destined to give rebirth to Him in theirs.

God dreams Himself anew through all the gods, old and new

That are ever dreamt up within the human soul.

The gods are the dreamings of human beings

Through which God Himself is

Destined to recreate Himself

Through each and all of us,

Within each and all of us,

As each and all of us.

Your destiny therefore, is not to

Become ‘One’ with God but to become God.

For that is what every being most essentially is,

Being composed of the stuff of which dreams are made,

That God-stuff of awareness that is

The divine light of Lord Shiva

In its infinite shapes, tones and colours.

Yet for us to be able to recreate God through

Our human experiences of the divine awareness,

Through the divine dreamings of our human souls,

He Himself had once to become flesh.

That is the deepest meaning of

The Christian ‘Son of God’.

The one who declared

‘I am Shiva’,







‘God’ is neither

Male nor Female.

God is a Relation.

The elements of that relation.

However we might name them:

‘Masculine’ and ‘Feminine’,

‘God’ and ‘Goddess’

‘Shiva’ and ‘Shakti’

Do not precede the Relation.

It is the Relation that first gives them their Reality.

There has never, can never be

A God without a Goddess as consort,

A Goddess without a God as consort.

There have never been Gods or Goddesses

Except in and as their Relation to one another.

‘Shiva-Shakti’ is not a relation of two

Separate, pre-existing beings.

Brought together by a mere hyphen.

For whilst distinct,

They are inseparable.

The hyphen in ‘Shiva-Shakti’

Is their dynamic relation,

It is what they are.

As God’.









Awareness feels.

Awareness fills space.

Awareness flows in currents.

Awareness forms itself into bodies.

Awareness conveys itself without words.

Awareness vibrates with its own potentialities.

Awareness creatively releases those potentialities.

Awareness experiences itself as space, light and matter.

Awareness manifests its potentials as all experienced reality.

Awareness reveals its innate qualities in the forms of all things.

Awareness individualises itself in the experience of all beings.

Awareness finds its reflection in the experience of all beings.

Awareness frees us from identification with our experience.

Awareness divines itself as the divine self of every being.

Awareness divinises the self-experience of every being.

Awareness uncovers higher worlds and higher beings.

Awareness dissolves all experiences back into itself.

Awareness is what gives time to be aware.

Awareness enfills and enfolds all things.

Awareness transcends all things.

These are the power – Shaktis

Of Awareness – Shiva.









Immaterial spirit – pure awareness - is

Precisely that which matters – which materialises itself.


The soul of matter is the matter of soul,

That primal substantiality of pure awareness - Purusha

That was called Prakriti.


The matter of soul

Is made up of the various

Soul elements – soul space, soul light,

Soul air or aether, and soul vibration or tone.

All are imbued with fluid soul motion,

With soul water and warmth.


The soul of space is spaciousness of soul.

The spaciousness of awareness – Kha


The soul of shape is the shape of soul,

Shapes of awareness – Rupa.


The soul of light is the light of soul,

The light of awareness – Prakasha.


The soul of air is the air of soul,

The air of awareness – Akasha.


The soul of motion is the motion of soul.

The subtle motion of awareness – Spanda.


The soul of sound is the sounding of the soul

The primordial toning of awareness – Om. 


Matter is the shaped space of awareness.

Matter is the materialised light of awareness.

Matter is the condensed air of awareness.

The solidified vibration of awareness.


We can sense soul as space, light, air and sound.

We can absorb soul as space, light, aetheric air and sound. 

The space, light, air and vibration of awareness.


Fire is the elemental

Dematerialisation of matter

Made tangible as light, sensed as heat.

Scented as air or smoke.

Leaving only holy ash.


Through sensing

The inner soul of fire, we

Can feel that fire of soul by which we can

Transform its elements, and matter itself

Into the eternal flame of spirit.



Spirit is flame,

The soul of fire and fire of soul.

The flame of awareness.

Burning eternal.





When we feel awareness pervading our bodies

like the air we breathe

– that is prana.

When we feel our awareness sinking within us

like an inner exhalation

– that is prana.

When we feel our awareness rising like a fiery flame

- that is prana.

When we feel it condensing like dew, moistening like mist or tears

– that is prana.

When we feel it chilling like a cold or wet wind

– that is prana.

When we feel it as a warmth of soul in the womb of our abdomen

– that is prana.

When we feel it drifting like a cloud or ghost

– that is prana.

When we feel it as a cloudy, grey sky

– that is prana.

When we feel its radiance like a sun

– that is prana.

When we feel it as something filling the vast expanse of space

– that is prana.

When we feel it as the fine substantiality of our flesh

– that is prana.

When we feel the ‘atmosphere’ of a place

– that is prana.

When we feel the ‘aura’ emanating from an object or person

– that is prana.

When we feel the ‘air’ between people thicken or thin, warm or cool

– that is prana.

When we let our soul flow into and fill the hollow awareness space of another person’s body – that is prana.

When we feel the inner space of our body filled by the soul of another

– that is prana.

When we scent the very soul of another through their exhalation

– that is prana.

When our awareness flows with wind or river,

- that is prana.

When we experience the soul of the elements, of fire, air, water and earth, as the fire, air, water or earth of our own soul

- that is prana.









There can be nothing ‘outside’ awareness,

As there can be nothing ‘outside’ space.

And nothing ‘before’ or ‘after’ time.


Time is the coming to be, and

Endurance of all things, within the

Infinite insideness of awareness.


Our experience of time is that

Of a horizon limiting our awareness

Of things and events in space.


Yet just as time is the ultimate horizon 

Of a singular time-space of awareness,

So is space its infinite inwardness.


Time is space, the time-space in which

All things, past, present and future, simultaneously

Presence, in which they come to be and endure.


Time is the presencing of things in awareness.

Space is co-presence of things in awareness.

Time-space their co-presencing in awareness.


Time is space, that unbounded time-space

Of awareness in which all things come to presence

And endure, eternally and at all times.


The ‘moment’ is the more or less expansive

Time-space of awareness that we experience

As our ‘here’ and as our ‘now’.


The less time we give ourselves to be aware

The more the spaciousness of the moment is contracted

Ending up as a mere ‘point’ in time.


If we flit from one thought, experience, action or task

To another, to any one focus of awareness to another, we

Lose all sense of time as a spacious field of awareness.


Instead we break time up into an endless

Linear series of  ‘nows’ and ‘thens’, ‘heres’ and ‘theres’

Yet never feeling enough time or space for anything.


The more time we give ourselves to be aware

The more the spaciousness of the moment is

Expanded, embracing both past and future.


Space and time are nothing objective.

They are basic dimensions of subjectivity,

Of that awareness which  has no outside.


Space and time are nothing separate.

They are a singular time-space of awareness,

Embracing past, present and future.


Beyond the ultimate circumference of that time-space

Lies nothing that actually is - but everything that still could be,

The potential that vibrates in all pasts, presents and futures.










Awareness is bliss.

Awareness is the self.

Awareness is freedom.

Awareness is the divine.

Awareness is all that there is.

Awareness is the sole absolute.

Awareness is light, space and time.

Awareness is the substance of matter.

Awareness is the inwardness of energy.

Awareness surrounds and permeates all things.

Awareness cannot be explained by any ‘thing’ at all.

Awareness is the condition for our experience of any ‘thing’.

Awareness is ultimate reality, the source and essence of all realities.











All that breathes without breath,

All that sees without eyes, moves without limbs,

Hears without ears, touches without hands - is Guru.

All that is shared with Guru is purified and transformed by Guru

All awareness that is wholly turned to Guru comes back enriched by Guru.

All services rendered to Guru are services rendered to one’s Self and the World.

Yet all that is accomplished through Guru do not enable one to truly see Guru.

All that is received from Guru with awareness enables one gradually to see Guru.

All efforts to open oneself to the grace of Guru invite initiation from Guru.

All efforts to truly see and feel Guru bring effects without effort.

All that sees and is seen through the eyes of Guru is Guru.

All that is spoken through the words of Guru is Guru.

All that is enfilled and enfolded by Guru is Guru.

All that is Guru is Maheshvara.








The Divine Awareness is that unbounded awareness

Dwelling in all that we can possibly be aware of.


In the awareness of every person, and all that they are aware of

There dwells the Divine Awareness.


In the awareness of any human emotion, ‘positive’ or ‘negative’

There dwells the Divine Awareness.


In the awareness of any ache or pain

There dwells the Divine Awareness.


In the awareness of any fear or affliction,

There dwells the Divine Awareness.


In the awareness of every struggle or conflict

There dwells the Divine Awareness.


In your awareness of every terror or torment,

There dwells the Divine Awareness.


The Divine Awareness is that which sets all things free to just Be,

In the absolute abandon of its unbounded creativity.

That is why, in every power, benign or malign

There dwells the Divine Awareness.


In every person, enlightened or deluded

There dwells the Divine Awareness.


Even in every limitation, contraction or diminution of the Divine Awareness

There dwells the Divine Awareness.


Even in every failure to recognise the Divine Awareness in all things,

There dwells the Divine Awareness.


Even in all that poisons us and poisons our world,

There too, dwells the Divine Awareness.


Recognising this - being aware of this - is the sole antidote.

The antidote of Divine Awareness.







When you hear such names as

Brahman, Kali, Shakti, Vishnu and Shiva

Do you just hear names - archaic god-names of an

Ancient Hindu pantheon?


Guru will teach you to hear, see, sense and feel differently.

If you look at a paving stone, is all that you see ‘a paving stone’?

Guru will teach you to see, hear, sense and feel differently.


To see just ‘a paving stone’ when you look at a paving stone is like

Just seeing ‘a painting’ or seeing ‘a Turner’ when you look at a painting.

In that way you do not see the painting at all.


So what of the paving stone?

Brahman is the creative seed-idea of the paving stone’s

Unique matrix, pattern or Yantra.


Kali is the infinite womb of

 Potentiality in which this seed-pattern was planted as

A matrix of sounds, of Mantra, and

In which it forever lies latent.


Shakti is the continuous manifestation and

Materialisation of this matrix as this, and just this paving stone.

She is that which is constantly creating it now, before your very eyes,

Endowing it with the innate substantiality of her awareness.


 Vishnu is that which preserves and sustains

The material matrix of the actual paving stone,

In resonance with the creative womb and seed-pattern of potentiality

From which it emerged.


Shiva is the light of awareness

In which alone this paving stone becomes visible and sensible to us,

Revealing itself for what it truly is.


The several Gods are neither many nor one, for whilst they are distinct

They are also inseparable, a singular multiplicity and a multiple singularity.

But where are these Gods?  Wherein lies their true abode?

It lies here, in this very paving stone’.

It lies here, in every ‘this’.


Indeed not just here,

But there and every-where.

Not just in mountain and river, but in every man and woman,

In every you and I, him and her.


Not just in rock and paving stone, but

In computer, car, cat, kettle and microwave.

For all these are divine patterns materialised,

Yantra of the gods, composed of nothing but

The God-stuff of awareness itself.


But if all that you see when you look is just 

A ‘paving stone’ or ‘rock’, a ‘river’ or ‘mountain’, a ‘car’, ‘cat’ or ‘microwave’,

You will not see and sense things for what they truly are,  

 Nor find the Gods within them.

Guru is (s)he alone who teaches people to

See and sense things for what they are and to

BE what they are in all Their divinity.


Guru is (s)he alone who knows that

Every sensation, sight and sound we are aware of is a Shakti of Shiva,

A shaped, coloured and toned quality of the Divine Awareness.


Yet if and when you meet Guru, will you merely see ‘a guru’, or

Will you see, sense and thrill at what makes this man or woman Guru,

The thrill of divine seeing and sensing?


Will you just see some human being claiming to be

God’s gift to mankind, a ‘Godman’ or ‘Godwoman’?

Or will you open yourself to the true gift of Guru Mantra?

Will you be ready to say to yourself, as (s)he does:

“I AM God and all the Gods”.


Will you come to recognise that your every limb and organ,

Thought and feeling, fear and doubt, hope and despair, pain and

Pleasure is, like the paving stone, all the Gods made manifest in you.

That you yourself are made of God-stuff?


And that every single thing,

From mountain to microwave, is a Shakti of Ma Kali,

Seeded by Brahman, preserved by Vishnu, and brought to light

By the universal light of awareness that is Shiva?


Will you be able to bow down before

These manifold ‘Gods of the Paving Stone’ saying

Obeisance to Brahman, who is the creative seed of all that is.

Obeisance to Mother Kali, who is the boundless womb of all that is.

Obeisance to her Shaktis, who ARE every thing within and around us.

Obeisance to Lord Vishnu, who IS that which preserves them all for us.

Obeisance to Lord Shiva, who IS the light of universal awareness

In which alone all things can come to light for us to delight in.

To you all, I bow down and prostrate myself

Knowing you as my very Body

My very Self?


Will you learn through Guru

To feel and to say to yourself,

I too, am a living fleshly image and

Incarnation of the Gods.

I too, AM Guru?






Oh Great Mother,


Black Goddess of death and time.

In this, your time, your KALI YUGA,

Mankind does still conjugate

Through blood and hate.

The centuries are

Written in it.


Oh Great Black Mother,

So great are the deprivations of the many.

So great is the passionless greed of the few

That there are those who would

Wipe your fearless face

From this earth.


Who would

Remove all dis-ease from the body,

Remove all pain and anguish from the soul,

Remove all bliss and sensual pleasure from the spirit,

Remove all depths of wordless knowledge from the word,

And create a world of sterile health and worthless wealth.

Let them then calculate, accumulate and be cursed.

For in this, your time, your Kali Yuga.

They no longer know your face.

They have not the eyes

To see and love you.

Oh Great Mother,


As the humble Lord Shiva himself,

I prostrate myself beneath your feet.

Feigning a white and lifeless corpse, but

Knowing the illusion of death.

And feeling the bliss of

The greater life

Within you.


Oh Mother,

We hear your call

And heed your command

To reveal your true face to the world!

Grant us then all of your devious cunning

So that we, your devoted servants,

Can once again wield your

Serpent power.


Oh Mother,

Give us the will to

Fill the hearts and souls of

Women and men with countless delights.

And, with single strokes of your mighty axe

To cleave the heads off all those false gods

Who would rule the world with calculation,

Ignorant of your fearless compassion.

Your deep dark powers,  your many

Secrets untold, and your lover

The Lord Shiva.









I have performed Puja [worship] for the Great Lord Shiva.


Before him and for him, with and within him, in him and as him.


I have lit the primordial flame of The Great Lord, that burns forever.


I have seated myself before the murti of The Great Lord.


I have meditated the majesty of his supreme mudra.


I have received the grace and wisdom of his gaze.


I have seen his third eye as a singular star.


I have heard his inward speech as mine.


I have known him knowing me.


I have seen him seeing me.


I have heard him hearing me.


I have felt the softness of his touch.


I have understood him teaching me.


I have breathed the sweetness of his breath.


I have relished the sublime nectar of his divine bliss.


I have been soothed like a baby by his infinite patience.


I have felt the boundless span of his awareness across time.


I have become the boundless expanse of his awareness in space.


I have let my awareness rise as his incense to the heights of his sky.


I have felt his lingam within me as the core and essence of all things.


I have seen and heard all things as expressions of his divine activity.


I have let go of all sense of agency separate from that of the Great Lord.


I have surrendered without condition to His supreme wisdom and grace.


I have performed Puja for the Lord, for and before, with and within Him.


I have thus enacted the supreme mantra of the Great Lord,


I have become the mantra that he and I are two as one.


Shiva. Aham,  Shiv-o-ham.








Any thing in space,

Can be thought, seen and

Directly sensed as a miracle.

A miracle of creation, constantly

Manifesting and materialising out of the

Seeming vacuity of that pure thought-free,

Sense-free, and thing-free awareness

That is space, and that is



A simple stone

Is a miraculous thing.

Seemingly insentient, it is in truth

A dense and compact materialisation of

Pure awareness that is Shiva, both manifesting and

Reflecting the pure light of awareness

That pervades all of space.


Such a simple stone,

Can be thought, seen and sensed

As a miracle, not only of its own manifestation

From the awareness that is SHIVA, but that of all things.

As such it is also a sign or symbol - LINGAM - of this miracle of

Universal manifestation and



A simple, single stone, selected

For its solid density and simplicity of form and colour,

Whether colourless black, absorbing all light, or bearing a

Shining surface that reflects the light and all things around it,

Can, by virtue of its simplicity of form become a symbol of the formless,

Pure awareness that is Shiva taking form in the most compact way.

Then the stone ceases to be just one single thing among others 

‘In’ universal space, but can be thought, seen and sensed AS

The entire universe, and AS a compact mass of that

Singular, universal awareness that is Shiva.


Such a simple, single stone,

Thought, seen and directly sensed in this way,

Becomes a STEPPING STONE to experiencing its truth as a symbol or

LINGAM - the truth that all things are in each, and all things are SHIVA.

Thus can a stone become the most singular of all symbols of Shiva,

The revered SHIVA LINGAM.




What is Liberation?

We are each aware of a sense of self
Or aware of multiple, diverse selves.
A sense more or less fixed or fluid,
More or less singular or plural.

This sense of self is formed of
Many elements, from thoughts and
Feelings to familiar moods and modes of
Inner and outer experiencing.

Yet all the elements of experience that make up or
Inform 'our' sense of self, are constantly IN formation,
Constantly manifesting from a source quite other than
Any self we can possibly experience as 'ours'.

'Liberation' means being aware of all the elements of our
Experienced self as a self-manifestation and self-experience of
Awareness as such - an awareness that is not 'mine' or 'yours'
Yet which experiences itself as 'me' and 'you', 'him' and 'her'.

This Awareness is truly Divine, for though not being
Yours or mine, it is the source of all that 'I', you or anyone
Can experience as 'their' self and 'their' experience, for it is
That Awareness which experiences itself as every 'I' and 'you'.


Yet whenever we 'own' a thought, feeling or
Any aspect of our experience as 'mine' or as 'me'
We no longer experience the Divine, forgetting that
'Our' very experience of self is ITS experience, not 'ours'.

Since the Divine Awareness is the very source
From which all the elements of experience arise
That first make up our sense of self, how can any self
Be said to have or possess its 'own' experience?

That self - the ‘ego’ - that takes the experiences 
It 'has' as its 'own', or thinks of itself as 'having' or
'Possessing' a self that is its 'own', is deluded, and
Lives in constant fear of losing its 'self-possession'.

Liberation is a sacrifice and surrender of this self to the Divine

Not a surrender of self but of self-possession, disowning and restoring
Ownership of our sense of self to God - that Divine Awareness to which
Alone all experiencing and all experiences of self belong.
Dis-owning our self-experience we are re-enowned by God.
We do not 'lose' ourselves to God, but refind ourselves as part of God.
Recognising all we experience as belonging to God's self-experience,
We realise that 'union' with the Divine that is the meaning of 'yoga'.
For awareness of self does not belong to any self we are aware of.

Nor is it bound to any self we are aware of, except that
Divine Self which does not possess but IS awareness,
Unbound and unbounded, liberated and free.

For the deluded self that believes it 'possesses' the experiences
That first endow it with a sense of self, the ultimate sacrifice to God,
The leap to liberation, is fraught with terror, for the ego identifies
Surrender of self-possession with loss of self and ultimate non-being.

That is why the Divine also has the Tantric face and name of
BHAIRAV  -  'The Terrifying One' - and why being 'God-fearing' can

Mean just that, fearing to face the delusory terror of non-being that
The leap into Moksha - liberation - demands of all who take it.

Many Muslims confuse the Great Sacrifice with struggle and
passionate Martyrdom for a holy cause, thus confusing surrender
of the body with Surrender of self to God - and forgetting that
Awareness alone, not War,  can bring an end to all war and
Tyranny, the tyranny of the warring ego. 

Christianity guards the sacred mantra
That says 'I and the Father are one'.


Yet which Christian can say what this 'One'
IS which unites the Self with the Divine?
For knowing it as Awareness they
Would speak of it neither as
'I' nor as any paternal
Self or Deity.

And what of those Buddhists who
Do not believe in any such a thing as 'Self',
Who believe in no God to sacrifice a delusory sense of 'self' to,
Who may even believe that Non-Being itself is 'Nirvana'?

They can go their way - but behind their spiritual repose
You may find a great terror in the face of BHAIRAV,
That face of the Divine beloved of Tantrikas?
To whom surrender brings total autonomy.

The Mantra of Liberation says: 'Not Mine but the Divine',
Thus however you are aware of feeling and whatever you are aware of
Thinking, think and feel these thoughts and feelings not as yours,
but as Those of a Divine Awareness, boundless and divine. 

Saying 'Not Mine but the Divine',
Dis-owning the 'self' you think you 'own', you will refind it
AS that Divine Awareness which is thinking and feeling itself
In and as you, that is being and bodying you as Itself.

Whatever divine name you call it by,
Surrendering to its spacious embrace is bliss,
Sacrifice to it brings bountiful blessings,
And its boon is everlasting Liberation.







The contracted self, the Jiva-atman,
Is like an actress so lost in the part she is playing,
So identified with the self she has dressed up to act,
 That just when she looks in the mirror that is all she sees.
So also when she looks in the mirror of her senses,
Thoughts and feelings all she sees is the
Self she is acting, the acted self.

The Supreme Self, the Para-atman,
Is not the acted self, but the acting self.
For the actress to see this self in the mirror, she
Would need be so familiar with every part it can play,
That even if she were costumed to act a part,
When she looked in the very same mirrors
All she would see is a reflection of
The self that is acting her,
The Para-atman.

Shiva is the Para-atman,
The Supreme Self of the actress.
This Self that has no identity, for it is nothing but
The pure capacity for identification itself,
Not with one part or being alone, but all.
That capacity for identification
Is what we call ‘love’.


Shakti is the Para-atman,
The Supreme Self of the actress,
Being not just one self that can be acted but all.
Being not just one part that can be played but all,
That Self, which is therefore truly whole
And no mere ‘part’ at all.

Shiva and Shakti

Are distinct, yet inseparably one.
For how could there be acting without parts to act?
And what would a part or acted self be
Without a Self to act it, to so
Lovingly identify with it?

Look into the mirror then, and look
Also into the mirror of your mind, senses and heart.
What do you think, sense and feel there?
You may say you see ‘yourself’,
Yet I would ask ‘Which self?’
Do you see
The acted self or the acting self,
The experienced self or the experiencing self?
Do you see the Jiva-atman or the Para-atman?
And can you also see the Other in the One,
See the acting self that is Shiva,
In your acted self or ‘Jiva’?

Look again
In both mirrors, outer and inner,
And ask which self it is you identify with most.
You may simply say ‘yourself’, as if you had but one.
Yet I ask you again, which self is it that you mean?
That Self that can identify with all selves
Or, like an actress with only one part,
Is identified with one self alone,
The one you call ‘yours’?

That self is the Jiva-atman.
As for the Para-atman ‘itself’,
It has no one self to call its ‘own’.
Instead it is verily each and every self.
For it is the loving activity of identification that
Unites the acting and the acted self.
The player and all possible parts,
It is the very love uniting them,
It is ‘Shiva-Shakti’.

It is Shiva who plays every part,
From Mother Theresa to Saddam Hussein,
Shiva who takes on the parts of all human beings.
If only they could recognise this themselves, and
Not reduce themselves to those parts…

It is Shiva

Who acts the role of both,
Guru and Disciple, Saviour and Saved,
Healer and Healed, Teacher and Taught.
Creator, Maintainer and Destroyer, for
All this is Shiva’s divine play,
Shiva's Lila.

Shiva identifies with all the Gods
That ever were, from Brahma and Vishnu
To Kali and Lakshmi, Wotan, Yahweh and Allah.
It is Shiva who acts the parts of Pope and Patriarch,
Of Rabbi, Brahmin, Imam, Shaman and Matriarch.
If only they could recognise this themselves, and
Not identify themselves with those parts…

Blessed then be Shiva-Shakti,
For if All is part of Shiva’s Divine Play, then
Shakti is All parts, All roles, and all Gods He plays.
Shakti is verily All That Is, Was and ever Can be acted and actualised.
Indeed She is Shiva’s very Power of action and of actualisation itself.
Yet knowing how Shiva sole action is identification with All She Is,
She knows Herself too, as His sole Beloved.
This is her Joy, Her participation and
Delight in Their Divine Lila.









Spiritual Revolution

Is the simple revelation that

The world does not revolve around you.


The world no more revolves around you, than the Sun

 Revolves around the Earth, or galaxies around our Sun.


Revolution is the understanding

That it is the other way round, that

All realities revolve around God.


Not only does the world not

Revolve around you, but your whole world

Is itself but one of the countless realities

Revolving around God.


Experiencing this truth is a truly

Revolutionary revelation for all those

Who think the world revolves

Around them.


It is a Copernican Revolution of the Soul,

Knowing itself as earth, sun, stars, galaxies and entire

Universes – all not only revolving around God – but also

Surrounded and suffused by God - an infinite Circumference

Of countless worlds within, looking inwards to its own

Singular, divine and infinitely distant Centre.


















The Stars are

The Shaktis of Shiva.

The Moon is his reflected Light.

The night Sky is his protective embrace.

A womb in which all things are made safe.

Every thing on this earth is his Lingam,

And the Heart is his Bliss,

Breathing his Delight.

For all to taste









I am not what I am.

I am an ordinary man.

I have known love, fear, bliss and pain.

I have also journeyed through inner planes.

I have flown over Oxford quads and Austrian valleys.

I have entered the great mountain hall of the fire spirits.

I have beheld the lion-headed men of Sekmet in their lair.

I have heard the very cells of my body breathe a symphony.

I have received initiation from the master and dreamt his music.

I have mastered the power of soul sounds, the magic of mantra.

I have rediscovered the soul body, the hidden secret of tantra.

I have seen the entire night sky erupt in vivid vortices of colour.

I have learnt to ride the musical tones and chords of feeling.

I have let hundreds of selves show their face on mine.

I have let hundreds of ‘I’s look out through my eyes.

I have used my eyes to transmit wordless knowledge to others.

I have drawn others down into the fathomless depths of their own soul.

I have drawn them out into the vast unbounded expanse of awareness.

I have submerged myself in the musical womb of my own oversoul.

I have looked out with the eyes of beings, both human and trans-human.

I have perceived the countless faces of the self in the countenance of others.

I have learned to listen with the inner ear and speak with the inner voice.

I have let my awareness descend to the very core of the earth.

I have extended it to embrace the vastness of the cosmos.

I have felt the awesome power of the Black Sun at its centre.

I have seen the earth from high above and travelled to planets unknown.

I have learned to enter the invisible and unbounded inwardness of all matter.

I have learnt to perceive the idea-shape materialised in every thing around me.

I have expanded the spaces within and between my very atoms and cells.

I have learnt to feel the soul qualities manifest in all sensory things.

I have experienced the sublime sensuality of the soul’s inner senses.

I have entered the soul-inwardness of countless colours and material forms.

I have put my awareness into trees and blades of grass, air and wind.

Into clouds and sea, fire and light, wood and metal, mortals and gods.

I have turned my awareness into space and air, warmth and light, fire and ice.

I have shape-shifted into countless forms and revealed their countenances.

I have filled the bodies of others with my soul, filled my body with theirs.

I have melded and merged my soul-body with those of others.

I have become a body of air and colour, space and light.

I have tasted the nectar of divine bliss.

I have known the ecstasy of divine intercourse.

I have melted in union with the Mahadevi herself.

I have entered the dark womb of her, the Great Goddess.

I have felt the unimaginable vitality of her radiant Shaktis.

I have experienced the infinite light of the Supreme Lord, Shiva.

I have become the lingam of the Mahadeva and the yoni of the Mahedevi.

I have bodied the occult power of the Black Serpent and of the Black Sun.

I have become the Lord Shiva in the terrifying countenance of Bhairava.

I have placed divine powers of the gods into the mortal bodies of others.

I have received teachings from unknown Rabbis, Shaivas and Shamans.

I have become the most darkly powerful of shamans, the Ungum-Buthu.

I have stalked the hidden animal spirits in the bodies of human beings.

I have beheld the working of angels and the massiveness of archangels.

I have learnt a new way of being from every human being I have met.

I have embodied the most ancient of gods, inhabiting statues of stone.

I have learnt the meaning of suffering and dis-ease in its many forms.

I have become the most primordial of life forms on this planet.

I have explored the innermost secrets of time and history.

I have perceived the deep inner meaning of world events.

I have bodied countless different selves in a single life.

I have recalled the life between lives in this very life.

I have beheld the mighty airships of higher beings.

I have touched others with invisible hands.

I have founded a true science of the soul.

My teachings have no precedent.

I approach all things anew.

I am reborn each day.

Who me?