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Acharya Peter Wilberg offers all serious correspondents, students and practitioners of his teachings a free ‘Ask and Learn’ service – aiding their own learning, practice and personal development by meditating and answering questions of any sort that they wish to address to him directly.


Please, mail your questions as a short video. This will help Peter in meditating you more deeply as well as your question. In addition, send an e-mail giving as much biographical background about yourself as you would like and be prepared to share.


If the first question can only be sent as an e-mail however, do attach a photograph of yourself as well as background information.  


Please be patient, for though all questions will be answered in time, the time needed to do so will vary. Peter’s answers may themselves take the form either of e-mails or videos.


Permission is requested from the questioner to make both e-mail and video responses to questions public on the website. If anonymity on the part of the questioner is requested, this will be respected, as will any request to keep a particular question and its answer fully confidential.


If an e-mail answer is given to your question, Peter may request that you resubmit the question on the site’s bulletin board, so that both question and answer may be viewed and learned from by others.  


E-mail for ‘Ask and Learn’: ask&


Though ‘Ask and Learn’ is a free spiritual service, anything questioners and learners are willing to do in return to widen the dissemination of Acharya Peter Wilberg’s teachings would be appreciated - as well as any donations, however small, that they can offer to support the maintenance and promotion of this site and its publications.